100 Watt INVERTER circuit IC 4047 pinout proteus simulation

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100 Watt INVERTER IC 4047 pinout proteus simulation
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Hi Guys! Hope you are fine. In this topic I will tell you how to IC Inverter using Proteus(INVERTER circuit in proteus). Let’s start.





100 Watt INVERTER IC, 4047 proteus simulation,INVERTER circuit in proteusFirst of all we have to select the components from the library.  The components we using are follows.

  • NPN Power Transistor
  • Battery
  • Diode
  • Zener Diode
  • Capacitor
  • IC 4047
  • Potentiometer
  • Resistor
  • Darlington Transistor
  • Transformer
NPN Transistor

In NPN transistor the one p- type material is placed between two n- type materials. The purpose of NPN transistor I that the movement of electron is going from emitter to collector region in which the current constitute in the transistor.


A battery is a device in which we can use the energy as a source of power. The energy which store in battery is in the form of chemical energy which is converted into electrical energy. In this circuit we are using 12 volt battery for simulate our circuit.


A diode is a semi-conductor device which has two terminals which allow the current to flow only in one direction.

Zener Diode

The zener diode is a device in which the current can flow in both directions either in forward biased and reverse biased.



A capacitor is a component which has a ability to stores the energy in it. The store energy is in the form of electrical charges..


IC 4047

There are 14 pins available on the IC where Vss stand for ground pin and Vdd is voltage supply pin. There are six inputs including, trigger, astable, external reset and retrigger.


A potentiometer is a three-terminal resistor in which the resistance can control the flow of electric current. In short we can say that it’s easily to control the flow of electron.



A resistor is a two-terminal electrical component which is used in a circuit element. Resistors are used to reduce the flow of current and also adjust the signal levels.

Darlington Transistor

The Darlington transistor is made up of two PNP or NPN transistor. BJTs are connecting together. The BJTs can be used to operate as an ON/OFF switch.


A transformer is a device which flow the electric energy from one terminal to another terminal. We can say that it can reduce or increase the voltage of an AC.


After simulate the circuit

Circuit with Waveform



In this article, I showed you how to use IC 4047 as inverter and also performed the project: 100 watts inverter using IC 4047.

                  Hope you enjoyed this project learning stay update for new topics.

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pcb way

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