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[otw_is sidebar=otw-sidebar-1]keypad in proteus,keypad library proteusHello Friends! In this project I will design a simple Password Based Door Lock using Arduino. The purpose is to secure with door lock with the help of password. In this lesson we will talk about the principles of door locking, circuit diagram and working of this project.

Keypad in Proteus

  • Traditional lock using mechanical lock and key mechanism are being restored by new techniques of locking system. These techniques are a combination of mechanical and electronic components and are highly intelligent. One of the prominent features of these new lock systems is their clearness and high efficiency.
  • Such an automatic lock system contains of electronic control assembly, which manages the output load through a password. This output load can be a lamp or any other mechanical or electrical load.
  • Here, we build an electronic code lock system using Arduino, which provides control to operate the load. It is a simple implant system with input from the keyboard and the output being operated accordingly.
  • This system shows a Password based Door Lock System using Arduino, where in once the correct password is entered, the door is opened and the person is allowed access to the area. Again, if another person reaches, it will ask to enter the password. If the password is wrong, then door would remain closed, denying to the person.

keypad in proteus,keypad library proteus,Password Based Door Lock using ArduinoPrinciple of Circuit

  • The important component in the circuit is Arduino. In this project, a Matrix Keypad is utilized to enter the password. The password which is entered is compared with the built-in password.
  • If the entered password is correct, then the system opens the door by starting door motor and shows the status of door on LCD. If the password is wrong, then the door is remains closed and shows “password is wrong” on LCD.

Components Required

Circuit Diagram

Password based door lock system using Arduino circuit design uses four major components. These are an Arduino, a Motor Driver, a 4*4 Keypad and a LCD display. This Arduino needs a supply voltage of 5v. In order to give regulated 5v to the Arduino we require power supply. After connecting all the connections the only thing we have to do is to simulate the project.(keypad in proteus)

keypad in proteus,Password Based on Door Locking System Using Arduino Working

Once the circuit is powered ON, Arduino sends commands to the LCD to shows “enter password” on LCD display.  Now we required to enter the password using the keypad. Once password is entered, it displays on LCD to show that Arduino read password successfully.

Now the Arduino compares the entered password with given password. If the password is matched, then the Arduino sends command at high level and the motor driver gets the input signals for forward motion.

Keypad Library For Proteus


As a result, the Door Motor revolves in forward direction to open the door. After a delay of 10 seconds, the Arduino gets low, so the motor driver receives the input signals for reverse motion. As a result, the Door motor revolves in reverse direction to close the door.

If the password is not matched, the door motor is static so that door remains closed.



  • This simple circuit can be utilized at residential places to confirm better safety.
  • It can be utilized at organizations to make sure the authorized access to highly secured places.
  • We can utilize this to control the switching of loads through password.


Hope you guys enjoyed this topic. See you in next lesson till then take care and have fun



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