what is diode,diode,working of diode, diode types,uses of diode

what is diode 138

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what is diode,working of diode, diode types,uses of diode

In this article we will discus
what is diode
Types of diode
Application of diode.

In today’s article we are going to tell about a component of electronics  Which is called diode.

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what is diode

Diode is a device that allows current to flow one side
It has two legs One is cathod  and one is called anode  Cathode side is usually of silver color As shown in the picture

 Symbol of diode

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The diode’s symbol is shown in the picture In that there is a plus symbol on the anode side  And the negative side has been shown to –
Every diode has only one symbol  and it has two legs  The circuit shows the diode’s circuit symbol.  Typically the diode works in Forward bias  The diode has a anode side in the symbol
Battery’s positive terminal will come on the anode side  If you apply negative here, there will be no current flow

Working of diode

A diode is used in two conditions  A Forward bias and the Second reverse bias

1 forward bias 

In the picture we have used the diode to be forward bias
In which the positive terminal of the battery is placed on the anode site of the diode And put a resistance on the cathode side of the diode And as soon as we connect to the battery, the diode forward bias will work
And will be current Flow

2 reverse bias

In reverse bias we have changed the diode directions We have placed negative side on the diode’s positive terminal. This will not cause current flow of the battery, the diode will work in reverse bias
As illustrated in the picture as clear.

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 Types of diode

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There are too many types of diodes  From which we have given the names of some diodes below
1 laser diode
3 tunnel diode
4 photo diode
5 schottky diode
6 gunn diode
7 pin diode
8 light Emitting diode
9 Backward diode
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The diodes that occur are PN junctions.
A zener diode can be used to provide the stabilized output voltage despite of the variation in the input voltage. As the voltage above or equal to the Zener breakdown of the Zener Diode is applied across the Zener Diode in the reverse direction the Zener Breakdown of the diode occurs and output of the Zener diode becomes equal to what Zener Diode is designed to provide

In today’s post we will study what is this diode and types of diode and its uses and application There are too many types of diodes

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