How to interface Webcam with MATLAB 15

In this article I am addressing the most common problem that beginners have when working with MatLab and Webcam. MatLab can be connected with many types of Cameras in this article I will discuss the Webcam interface with MatLab. We will first look which drivers are required for webcam and MatLab interface and how to install the drivers in the MatLab. Then we will look at how to display a video in the MatLab using the Webcam and built-in commands.

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So keep reading and enjoy learning!

Webcam support package for Matlab:

In order for the MatLab to be able to work with the Webcam a webcam support package should be installed on your MatLab. The discussion on the Hardware Support Package is out of the scope of this article we will just stick to how to download a Hardware Support Package for a Webcam in MatLab. So to download the Hardware Support Package for Webcam in the MatLab follow the following instructions.

  • Open the MatLab from the start Menu.
  • Once the MatLab has been opened in the Home tab look for the Resources section click on the Add-Ons.
  • A drop-down menu will appear.
  • In that Drop-down menu click on the “Get Hardware Support Packages”.
  • You will see the Support Package Installer on the screen after some time.








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  • Click next to see the available support packages.



  • That’s all for the USB webcam Support Package Installation.

Now let’s look how to connect the webcam with the MatLab software.Once the Hardware Support Package is installed in the MatLab  it’s time to play with the functions of the MatLab. The list of functions that are used frequently are.



Let’s look in detail what each function does. To use these functions plug in your webcam via USB port or you can use the Integrated Webcam of the Laptop.

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