what is Bluetooth,how does bluetooth work,bluetooth technology

introduction to bluetooth 23

what is Bluetooth,how does bluetooth work,bluetooth technologyIn this post I will discuss about the introduction to Bluetooth technology and the simulation of the Bluetooth module in Proteus. In the previous posts I have discussed the simulation of important sensors and actuators in Proteus. This post will be oriented around the discussion on the Bluetooth technology and its simulation in Proteus. In one my posts I have discussed the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) technology which is the wireless communication standard thus in the similar the reader will be able to see the Bluetooth wireless technology and be able to differentiate among different wireless technologies

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After reading this post the reader will be able to learn about the Bluetooth technology, wireless communication, Bluetooth module, working of the Bluetooth module and simulation of the Bluetooth module in Proteus and finally the applications of Bluetooth technology. So sit back, keep reading and enjoy the educational trip.
Let us first learn what Bluetooth is and how it works and what is bluetooth ?


what is Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a standard for wireless communication. By wireless communication standard it means that the Bluetooth compliance the set of rules which consists of the wireless communication protocols and other rules required for wireless communication, and these rules are the core of the Bluetooth technology which makes it unique among other wireless communication standards. Bluetooth technology is meant for short range communication and was developed as the wireless counterpart of the RS-232 communication protocol. Every wireless communication standard has some unique range of electromagnetic spectrum or frequencies under which they are bound to operate. GSM has its own range of frequencies and in the similar way Wi-Fi has its own range of frequencies. Bluetooth works from the frequency between 2402 and 2480 megahertz.


Applications of Bluetooth

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Bluetooth technology has involved in our every gadgets and electronic products. The list of some of the important applications of the Bluetooth is shown as follows:

  • Bluetooth Headset.
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • .Bluetooth Intercom.
  • Bluetooth Keyboard, mouse and many others.

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Bluetooth Module:

As we have seen in the previous discussion that Bluetooth technology comes integrated in gadgets and consumer electronics besides integrated Bluetooth the devices that are not Bluetooth enabled can be provided with Bluetooth using the Bluetooth adapter. Besides all of these are the requirements of the Bluetooth communication in the embedded systems. Bluetooth communication is also very popular among students and electronics hobbyists who develop embedded systems that require Bluetooth communication. The most common example is the Bluetooth controlled Home Automation System which requires the Bluetooth technology to be integrated with microcontroller and other actuators in the system. This requirement can be fulfilled with the help of the Bluetooth module. The Bluetooth module is a modular system that is designed to provide the Bluetooth communication between nontrivial electronics products for example between microcontrollers. The Bluetooth module looks like the one in the following image

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hc 05 bluetooth module pin description,hc 05 bluetooth module data sheet





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