pic16f676 voltmeter,pic voltmeter 7 segment,Pic16f676 adc c codein this article I will discuss the Pic 16f676 Microcontroller Voltmeter and pic16f676 programming . In the previous article I have discussed the interface of Ultrasonic sensor and the Raspberry Pi using the Python language. So this post will be oriented around how to use Pic 16f676 Microcontroller as a Voltmeter and understanding about Pic  Microcontroller  programming

Pic 16f676 Microcontroller Voltmeter:



Pic 16f676 Microcontroller Voltmeter,pic voltmeter 7 segment

After reading this post you will be able to understand the basics of the circuit Pic 16f676 Microcontroller Voltmeter and also you will learn about the important  c code  for pic voltmeter 7 segment  So sit back keep reading and enjoy learning.


Equipment Required of project :

we are using these components

  • common andoe 7segment displsy
  • pic microcontroller 16f676
  • 14 pin base
  • resistor 10k,10k veriable resistors
  • 7805 for voltage regulator
  • 100uf .01uf capcitor
  • led
  • diode
  • pic kit 2 for programming


PIC Microcontroller Programming:

here is the steps of PIC Microcontroller Programming

  1. first open the pic ccs s compiler software
  2. select the project options and set the project options and save
  3. Select a microcontroller for your project. Here ‘PIC16f676’ microcontroller is selected.
  4. Select the compiler and path location for your project. Here  ‘CCS C compiler’ is selected for the PIC microcontroller, then select the ‘browse’ option from the project wired window to select the ‘ccsloader’ in the PICC  folder from the program files.  A folder with the name ‘source group’ is created in the ‘target’ folder.
  5. Give a name to the project and click on ‘NEXT’ button to save the project. A folder with the name ‘source group’ is created in the ‘target’ folder.. Click on the ‘file’ menu on the menu bar. Select ‘new file’ from the drop- down menu.


the voltmeter




Pic16f676 adc c code:

here is the code of reading  adc in c language and it is compile in pic ccs c compiler

SET_ADC_CHANNEL(3); // for(i=0;i<2;i++) // { // delay_ms(1); mux(); mux();mux();mux(); mux();mux(); result=read_adc(); //} val2=result; // value = (int8) (read_adc() * 500)/1023; //val2 = read_adc (); value = (val2* 5000)/1023;


pic voltmeter 7 segment:

3 digit 7 segment with pic 16f676 microcontroller. this is a very simple pic microcontroller voltmeter using 7 segment it can measure up to 99.9 voltage

here is the circuit of 7 segment voltmeter




pic16f676 voltmeter code:

in this code we are using pic ccs c compiler and read analog signal  and convert in to digital

here is the full code of pic16f676 voltmeter






digital voltmeter using microcontroller:



pic16f676 example c code:



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