Orcad Allegro Tutorial for Beginner

Orcad Allegro Tutorial for Beginner 1

[otw_is sidebar=otw-sidebar-1]Orcad Allegro Tutorial for Beginner,pcb designerThis tutorial will present the Orcad Allegro Tutorial for Beginner. in this tutorial I will discuss about the basic tools of the Allegro PCB designer. Allegro PCB designer is an important software for designing the printed circuit boards and it is widely used professionally for designing high speed and impedance controlled printed circuit boards. Actually the Allegro PCB designer is one of the several modules of the Cadence Orcad the graphical user interface of the Allegro PCB designer is as shown in the following figure:[otw_is sidebar=otw-sidebar-1]


Orcad Allegro Tutorial for Beginner,Allegro Pcb Designer



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Introduction to Allegro PCB Designer


You can see that there a lot of tools and commands visible on the GUI, it seems daunting but do not worry I will let you go through each command thoroughly so you can use each one of them effectively. First of all let us consider the tools on left side of the window as shown in the following image.

Allegro Pcb Designer,pcb design for students

The commands highlighted in the above image are used while routing on the PCB. By routing I mean to connect a pin of the electrical component to the particular pin of another electronic component.


Allegro Pcb Designer


Allegro Pcb Designer


One of the most common commands that are used while routing the PCB connections is the “Add Connect” command shown at the top of the list. This command is used to enable routing of the connections between the pins.

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Second command is the “Slide” command, this command is used when you are done with routing and need to adjust the routes (copper etch) so that the shape and spacing between the routes is optimized to the board size constraints.

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Orcad Allegro Tutorial for Beginner:

These two are the basic commands that the beginners need to learn at the very basic level and they are easy to use as well other commands in the list are not used at the beginners’ level as they have technical usage I will cover them briefly in next tutorial let us now stick to the “Add Connect” and “Slide” in this tutorial.

When you left click on the “Add Connect” command it will get active which can be seen at the bottom of the window when the name of the command is printed as shown in the following image:


Allegro Pcb Designer,add components


As you click on the “Add Connect” the message will be displayed in the command window as represented by the red block saying “Pick first element” which means to select the pin from where the route (copper etch) is to be started. Select any pin and the software will guide you where to finish the route with the help of the net shown in the white color in the following image.

Orcad Allegro Tutorial ,Pcb Tutorial

Cline (copper line / etch) is shown by the blue and white line is the net which guide at which pin the route is to be ended. The route is completed and shown by the green color shown below:


pcb Orcad Allegro,pcb Orcad tutorial



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Notice in the image that the bent angle of the Cline is not right angle but it is 45 degrees and this is kept for a reason which will be discussed in the tutorials later. The bent angle of the Cline can be altered according to requirement similarly the width of the line can also be altered according to signal specification.

That is all for now, in the next Orcad Allegro pcb tutorial I will discuss about how to alter the width and bent angle of the Copper line. Till then stay connected, keep reading and enjoy learning.

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Orcad Allegro Tutorial for Beginner

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