[otw_is sidebar=otw-sidebar-1]Allegro Use Add Connect ToolHey guys!I hope you all are good, in the previous tutorial I have discussed the brief introduction of the Allegro PCB designer software and few commands used for routing, I have discussed in detail the “Add Connect” command, in this tutorial I will further explain about how to adjust the bent angle and width of the Cline. Before discussing that let us first learn about another window in the Allegro PCB Designer GUI as shown in the following image:

Allegro Use Add Connect Tool

Introduction to Allegro PCB Designer (Part 2)

This window consists of three windows named 1) Find 2) Options 3) Visibilty. While routing the PCB at the beginners’ level (single layer board) only “Find” and “Options” window are used. Let us discuss “Find” window first.

The “Find” window consists of the various elements in the checklist as shown in the following image:

Allegro Use Add Connect ToolAfter the “Add Connect” command is activated the software will be able to pick only that element which has been checked in the “Find Window”. For example as shown in the above image check box of the “Pins” is checked therefore the software can only begin routing from the pin of any electronic component. There are some situations where we need to start routing from a particular point on the Cline, the software can begin routing from any point on the Cline if and only if check box of the “Cline” is checked shown in the above image. Different command depends on different elements in the “Find” window, for example the “Text” element is of no use for “Add Connect” command.



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Another important window is “Options” this window consists of various options for altering the properties of the command. Options related to the command can be seen on the “Options” window only when the command is active. So left click on the “Add Connect” command, then open the “Options” window to view the options as shown in the following image. highlighted by the yellow box.

Allegro Use Add Connect ToolWe will discuss only the line width and line lock options shown above. Click on the line width option and enter width, the width of the Cline (copper etch) changes accordingly as shown in the following image.

Allegro Use Add Connect ToolLine widths are mentioned corresponding to the Cline shown in the above image. Line widths are selected according to the electrical characteristics of the signals and requirements of the clients.

Now let us discuss the bent angle of the Cline. See the angle option next to the line lock option. The bent angle of the 45 degrees is as shown in the following figure.

Allegro Use Add Connect Tool
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The bent angle of 90 degrees is selected as shown in the following image:
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Allegro Use Add Connect Tool

Thus in this way we can alter the width and bent angle of the Clines (copper etch).
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That is all for now, I hope this tutorial would be helpful for you, in the next tutorial I will discuss about the “Slide’ command. Till then stay connected, keep reading and enjoy learning.