Soil Moisture Sensor Library in ProteusIn today’s article, we will study  for  Soil Moisture Sensor Library in Proteus .This sensor is not available in Proteus, we will make it ourselves .I am writing a post after a long time. I was busy with some of my final year projects.
I think you guys will be fine I have already made a lot of Libraries and uploaded them to my blog And any listener who has a problem can comment me in the block comment section. Earlier I had created Audino’s library which interfaces with different sensor. Many of these sensors are analog and all of them are digital. We have to correct both the sensor, both analog and digital This blog of mine is for business If anyone has a problem, they can email me Or if someone is not downloading the library, they can comment me
Soil Moisture Sensor Measure Moisture in Soil and gives Analog Value at Output
This sensor operates on a 5 volt supply and has three terminals.
You can see the PIN configuration in the  sensor below which I have made in the picture.

Soil Moisture Library in Proteus

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Soil Moisture Sensor Library in Proteus

 Two files will go in the file you download This file is created for simulation in Proteus If you do not know how to use Proteus software then you can check our post How to Simulation in Proteus After downloading any library, put it in the software of Proteus After that you will load the hex file in it which has been given in this folder.


 Copy these files and paste  them in the folder containing the library of Proteus.
In this library we have made 4 pins
When the original sensor has only three pins one pin  is just a test pen designed to simulate
 After adding the library to the Proteus software you will restart it
After this you will open it again and go to the search bar and write the name of the sensor
When you write the Soil Moisture Sensor, that sensor will come, you have to add it
After this you will load the hex file in it which is given in this zip file The zip file you downloaded is inside the file, the text is there, you will go inside it.
 When you give the path of the hex file or add it, then press the OK button.
 Now your Soil moisture  sensor is ready for simulation
Download Soil Moisture Sensor Library Proteus

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you can download Soil Moisture Sensor Library For Proteus  by clicking the  below link

this library can be used proteus 7 and proteus 8


Soil Moisture Sensor Library for Proteus.we will study  for  soil moisture  sensor library in proteus .Soil Moisture Sensor Library For Proteus 7 and 8
you can download arduino library below link
you can download esp8266 library below link
you can download from this proteus simulation