pc817 in proteus,optocoupler in proteus

PC817 optocoupler in proteus 25

pc817 in proteus,optocoupler in proteusIn this article we will learn about PC817 in proteus.How to install IC 817 in proteus software.And we will also simulate it .And how to install it with Arduino, we will also tell you in today’s article.Let’s start

PC817 in proteus




First of all you are given the download button below, you will click thereĀ  And download it

Files that download the app will be inside the zip file .First you unzip it

Open these files It will have two files .Add these library files to the folder containing the proteus library folder
Now open your Proteus software, if you have already opened then restart it
Now go to the component search box and write its 817.If you have added the files to the library folder correctly, it will appear in the search box.
pc817 in proteus,optocoupler in proteus
You can see your pc817 optocupler in the picture, it has been added in the right way, now you can use it in whatever project you want.

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