rf module library for proteus

rf module library for proteus 19

[otw_is sidebar=otw-sidebar-1]rf module library for proteus,rf in proteusin this tutorial we will learn how to add RF Module Library For Proteus.This file runs in both Proteus 7 and Proteus 8.But before running it,
you have to get these files download.The file that you download you will be in zip file .
After downloading these files, you have to add it to the software of Proteus. After that you have to reset it And then run it



There are many types of RF modules, some of which are

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  • Nrf 24l01
  • Ht12e
  • hc11
  • rf433mhz


rf module library for proteus

  • Open the our website and search for rf module library for proteus.
  • Open the link and download the zip folder. This zip folder will be containing tx and rx files. One is called transmitter rf module  LIB. And other is rf module.IDX as we will see in the next step.
  • After you have downloaded the ZIP folder extract the files in the folder.
  • Copy and Paste this folder in the library folder of the Proteus software.
  • Open the Proteus and the software is ready to be used for simulating rf tx rx  circuits.
  • Creating the HEX file


rf module library for proteus


wireless door Bell electronics Circuits|electronics projects




Components Required



  1. Arduino Uno
  2. rf module
  3. virtual terminal
  4. lcd 2×16
  5. resistor
  6. capcitor
  7. regulator 7805
  8. relay module()




Download Proteus Library

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rf module library for proteus,rf module simulation proteus


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you can download from this link

you can download from this link2

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