STVC070WT-01 and BC1110 Bluetooth

display STVC070WT-01 and BC1110 Bluetooth transparent transmission mobile phone 23

STVC070WT-01 and BC1110 Bluetooth The color smart display has a built-in 128M storage space and can communicate with the outside through RS485/RS232. The official also provides a dedicated development tool TOOL to accelerate the development process. In addition, this system uses the Bluetooth module BC1110. and a simple Android phone APP to realize data intercommunication between the phone and the screen.


System Design

BC1110 Bluetooth transparentSTVC070WT-01 is an smart display terminal with a Cortex-M4 processor and 128M storage space. Any visual material and interface switching logic can be written into the display terminal in advance. And it can communicate with the outside through the serial port. Here we write the interface elements and interface switching logic directly into STVC070WT-01, and then reserve a serial port command to communicate with the mobile phone APP through the Bluetooth module.

Process Design

The biggest feature of STVC070WT-01 is that it abstracts GUI development from the entire product development process, thereby isolating the GUI development process, reducing the complexity and coupling of the entire project, accelerating project development progress and reducing project uncertainty.

STVC070WT-01 and BC1110 Bluetooth

As shown in the figure above, traditional display terminal GUI development will go through a process of GUI element code abstraction. This abstract process requires the use of GUI code libraries such as QT, EmWin, LVGL, etc. This process will couple the GUI module with other code modules. This increases the complexity and uncertainty of the project.

However, the use of smart display terminal development will eliminate the code abstraction process of GUI elements. Developers can directly divide functions and switch logic on the original image according to the art design, and are self-contained, and can be executed and tested independently of other product modules. Reserve the external functional interface (serial communication) to be organically integrated with the entire product. Simplifies the GUI development process, improves the product development speed, and reduces the complexity and uncertainty of the project.



STVC070WT-01 smart display Development

STVC070WT-01 is a civilian-grade smart display terminal. Just get the product, you can first check the equipment is in good condition (below left picture), open the plastic film on the screen, you can clearly feel the screen’s penetrating luster.



Use the official distribution power adapter board and adapter cable to connect to smart display STVC070WT-01 to connect to the 12V power supply, then the device will run a factory test program (Test Case). At this time, we might as well click “HW TEST” in the figure below to perform hardware test.



At this time, we click to enter “Bad Points & grayscale” to perform dead pixel and grayscale test. At this time, the screen will enter a solid color and grayscale gradient display, click to switch and exit.



After confirming that there is no problem with the screen, we follow the following address to download the development tool TOOL and its tutorial from STONE site:

STONE TOOL Software:

STONE User Manual:


This program uses two variable storage spaces 0x1251 and 0x1253, which are respectively used to store the indicator light display on and off (corresponding data: 1 and 0) and whether the Bluetooth connection mark is displayed (corresponding data: 1 and 0). For the development details of TOOL, please refer to the above document, so I won’t repeat it here.


After using STONE TOOL to complete the GUI interface design and development, we connect the computer to the STVC070WT-01 smart display through a USB cable and connect it. The screen will display the program download prompt message “After download, please plug out USB mini”.





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