Here is Why PCBWay is Better Than Other Service Providers

PCBWay is Better Than Other Service Providers 1

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Here is Why PCBWay is Better Than Other Service Providers

PCBs are a common practice in modern electronics. They make electrical devices compact, and precise that cover less space compared to devices where the end to end wiring is employed.

Breadboards are used where a temporary solution is required, but where you need a permanent solution, PCBs come in handy. From a single layer to a double layer and from multiple layers to rigid-flex PCBs, numerous are available depending on the nature of your project. Before you apply PCBs to your project, it’s wise to do your due diligence while picking the service provider for your PCB design, because the output of your electrical project is widely dependent on the quality of the board.

The web space is already crowded with the scores of PCB service providers. Some are better than others. And you’ll find it difficult to choose the right pick where you can get quality PCBs at an economical price. PCBWay is one of them. They provide quality PCBs at affordable rates.

Here is Why PCBWay is Better Than Other Service Providers

I’m going to share a fair review on why PCBWay is better than other service providers and what you can expect from their top-notch service.

One-Click Quote

PCBWay comes with one click online quote. Simply put your requirement online and they will instantly return a quote for the given product.

One-Click Quote pcb wayThey offer plenty of PCBs including a single layer, double layer, flex, flex-rigid, aluminum, and multi-layer PCBs. An online quote helps you make a final decision before you put your order online. You can compare and evaluate your quote with other service providers before placing your order.

Quality Assurance

This company is equipped with advanced instruments including Flying Probe Tester, X-ray Inspection Machine, and Automated Inspection Machine, making sure you’ll get the quality finished product where copper traces are beautifully aligned and perfectly laid out on the board. If you’re working on something professional, the quality of your project is widely based on the nature and quality of PCB. Low-quality PCBs where copper traces are poorly laid out can tremendously affect the output of your project.

On-time Delivery

Affiliated with DHL, they deliver your products on time. You’ll get your PCB from 2-5 business days depending upon the nature of the product and the number of PCBs you place online. The 99% on-time delivery is what they maintain. Moreover, once you place the order, you can track your order and you’ll be updated at what stage your product is in right now.

24/7 Non-stop Customer Service

They maintain top-notch customer service incorporated with 90 plus technical and skilled professionals. Once you get your order and need any assistance in the installation of your product, they will help you thoroughly. Their quality customer service is the reason they maintain a trusted experience with a 99.6% satisfaction rate which implies the complaint rate is less than 0.1%.

Affordable Rates

Once you sign up and place your order, you get 10 PCBs for just 5$. And the PCBs are 2 layer size <100<100mm. Yep, this is true. The price of the PCBs board with details and dimensions is mentioned on the site, helping you evaluate the price against given dimensions.

Affordable Rates pcb way

Furthermore, they claim a one-stop BOM (bill of materials) purchase solution which means you can get a hold of a detailed inventory of the raw materials, parts, assemblies, components, with the quantities of each, required to manufacture a product.

Get 2 layers of aluminum PCB with up to 20% off. Or purchase multiple-layer advanced PCB with up to 30% off. Plus, you can get 25% off on the purchase of flex, or flex-rigid PCBs.

SMT and Through-hole Assembly

If you’re starting the very first time and don’t know how to assemble and place your components on the board, they will help you assemble the required components on board along with the delivery of quality PCBs.

pcb way SMT and Through-hole AssemblySMT (surface mount technology) components are achieved only by soldering on the surface of the board. On the other hand, in through-hole mounting component leads are placed into drilled holes on the blank PCB. You can pick anyone based on your requirement.

Sponsored Projects

You don’t need to worry about the budget for your project anymore. They sponsor electrical projects. In case you find it difficult to arrange the budget for your student product or anything professional you’re working on, they will sponsor your project free of cost in exchange for the publicity they get from your side.

Sponsored Projects pcb wayIf you remain in constant worry of the project budget, you cannot pay special heed to the execution of the project. This is where their sponsorship program comes into play.

They have sponsored hundreds of projects until now which includes embedded system projects, robots, racing cars, home automation, and industrial automation, and student projects.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the PCB you get or you don’t receive the order as per your given details, in that case, they offer a money-back guarantee.

And this is a rare happening where customers are not satisfied with the quality of the product. Their top-notch team of skilled professionals and advanced equipment make sure you get exactly what they’ve promised.

Last not least, I suggest you before making your project on the PCB, it’s better to make it over the breadboard. This way you can play with the wires and place them as per your liking until you resort to the final design.

That’s all for today. I hope you find this article helpful. If you have any questions you can approach me in the section below. I’d love to assist you in the best way I can. You’re most welcome to share your feedback and suggestions around the content we share, so we keep sharing quality content tailored to your exact needs and requirements. Thank you for reading the article.


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