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                What is L298 Pinout of L298 Applications


What is L-298

L-298 belongs to IC family and available in two main categories of packages. It provides features to bear a large value of current and voltage. Through this module, there are different devices such as dc motor, stepper motor, which are operating. Its basic function is based on the TTL or transistor transistor logic. The main circuitry which it used is in motor controllers. These controllers are operated through the use of Arduino, PIC, etc.L298 get input from theses controller and operate the load linked to this module. There are two pinouts for PWM are assembled on this board. that regulate the speed of the motor. The common application of this module is robotics, CNC machines, or automatic door lock system.

Pinout of L298

  • The main pinout of this device is shown in the below figure.

Pinout of L298 Applications Schematic Diagram

Features of L298

  • The basic features of this module are described here with detail.
  • The voltage needed to run this component are in the range of  +5 to +46 volts.
  • The value of maximum voltage which we can give to it is fifty volts.
  • the value of extremer voltage given at its input is seven volts.
  • The current that can flow through it is three amperes.
  • Its inputs are of TTL controls.
  • The net power that it can dissipate is twenty-five wats.
  • The value fo temperature over which it can run is  -23°C  to 130°C.

Where to Use L298 IC

  • The main usage of this IC is explained here.
  • In H BRIDGE circuit configuration, it mostly used.
  • To run high-power motor driver circuits, it used. For such applications where lower power is required L293 is used and for high-power applications, L298 is preferred.
  • Such devices that are controlled through the PWM and current control is needed that IC is used.
  • For such a control unit that offers TTL outputs it used..

L298 Schematic Diagram

  • The schematic diagram of this device explains about the internal structure of that device. Here you can see the inner parts of L298.

 Pinout of L298 Applications Schematic Diagram

Applications of L298

  • The application of this controller is described here.
  • it used in different types of Robotic arms.
  • The relay drives also comprise this controller.
  • In the vending machine, it used.
  • Different types of industrial machines that control different systems used this IC.
  • There are numerous measuring instruments that used this ic.
  • In engineering systems is commonly used.


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