boost converter circuit diagram in proteus software

boost converter circuit diagram in proteus software 17

[otw_is sidebar=otw-sidebar-1]boost converter, circuit diagram, proteus software,boost converter circuit diagram in proteus softwareHello friends! Hope you will be all right. Today topic is a bout boost converter circuit diagram. I will show you we can use this component in the Proteus. So let’s start our topic





  • Boost converter is a DC-to-DC Converter
  • it is a step up converter
  • It converts a low level voltage to high level voltage.
  • It gives higher output voltage comparing to input voltage
  • Boost converter are less efficiency
  • Boost converter is preferred a load voltage
  • Boost converter are used in DC Power supplies, regenerating braking of dc motor.

boost converter

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Working OF Boost Converter Cicuit

  •          The first case is, when the switches ON means T-ON (Time period) the voltage supplied will be charging the inductor and current will be flow in this loop in a clockwise direction
  • The inductor will charge the polarity
  • The output side of the voltage will be zero
  • On the other hand when the switches OFF at that time the inductor will change its polarity and the current will flow in the supplies as well as inductor it will flow in the circuit
  • When the current flow we get the voltage that shows due to Vs as well as voltage inductor.
  • So the output side will be

                                                         Vo= Vl+Vs 

Boost Converter Circuit Diagram in Proteus

The current will flow in this loop and the diode current will flow. So in the boost converter will the switches ON the inductor will store energy and polarity will be positive and output voltage will be zero. When the switches OFF the output voltage will apparel due to Vs and the inductor will release its energy. At that time the current will flow. 

Now we start our project.

Before simulate our circuit we have to collect all the components.

boost converter circuit diagram in proteus software

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A diode is a semi conductor material. Diode is make up off Silicon and Germanium. Diode has two terminals one is anode and the other one is Cathode. Diode has the potential to flow on in one direction. Diode does not allow the high voltage to flow on other direction. In this phenomena diode convert AC voltage to DC voltage.



A metal in which the electricity flow means current and voltage flows. It is called metal. A chemical energy is converted into electrical energy. Battery has two sides one is positive and the other side is negative. Positive side called anode and the negative side is called cathode. In positive side we have proton and other side we have electron. When we use our battery the negative proton will flow in direction of electron. Because positive and negative will attract each other. On this phenomenon the battery works.


         A device which stores the electricity in the shape of charges is known as the capacitor. When we connect the positive terminal of capacitor to positive terminal of battery and negative terminals will connect to negative side of battery. In this case the battery will charge the capacitor. If we want to discharge our capacitor then we have to short both side of the capacitor or we can connect the capacitor in the circuit. We can use the capacitor where we want to change the AC voltage to DC voltage. The unit of capacitor is Faraday (f).




         An inductor is also called a reactor or simply a core of wire, which has many properties when subjected to a magnetic field. When the electric current go through it. This magnetic field can store energy in a circuit for a very short time but when we disconnect the supply we lose all the energy.




The MOSFET (metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor) is a transistor which used for switching or amplification.  Mostly we use MOSFET in motherboard like (laptops, computer and inverter). Mostly N- channel MOSFET is commonly used. In N- channel the direction of MOSFET is toward drain and in P- channel the direction of MOSFET is far from drain. MOSFET are high switching device




         The resistor is a electronic component has the ability to flow the electron. Resistor is use to block the current and also depend upon the resistance value. The symbol of resistance is. It is denoting as RN. The formula is

                                                                 V=IR   I=V/R   R=V/I 




         So after connecting all the components we have to simulate the circuit. After simulating the circuit you can see that by given the low voltage in input side we are getting high voltage in output side. So boost converter is use to converts low voltage to high voltage.


In this article, I showed you how to raise the low voltage to high voltage

                  Hope you enjoyed this project & stay connected with us.

sg3525 inverter circuit diagram

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sg3525 inverter circuit diagram and sg3525 pinout




What is Field Effect Transistor






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