ir2104 DC to DC converter with arduino in proteus

ir2104 DC to DC converter with arduino in proteus 25

ir2104 DC to DC converter with arduino in proteus Hello Guys! Today’s our topic is very interesting. It is about Half Bridge converter. I will show you its use in Proteus. So let’s start it.

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         “Half bridge converter is a DC-to-DC converter”.

  • Half Bridge converter is a isolated forward topology for high power range.
  • Half bridge driver use as high side FET needs floating.
  • Voltage stress at FEDs is input voltage.
  • It has high efficiency.
  • Output filter sees twice the switching frequency.




HALF BRIDGE CONVERTER Working,ir2104 DC to DC converter circuit

                   The half bridge converter is also a buck converter where the secondary side of the half bridge converter transformer centre tab and behave like buck converter. The only differences come in the primary side. When Q1 is ON Vdc is connected to positive side. The amplitude cross the primary side is Vdc/2. On the other side the diode is active and act as a forward base.


Q1=Vp= n.Vdc/2

Q2=Vp= n.Vdc/2

Now when Q2 is on the amplitude cross the primary side is Vdc/2. At the time when both q1 and q2 is off under that condition the inductor will free veiling to the secondary equally divided to centre tab of the bottom the voltages will be zero and all coils wil be zero and on both the switches will Vdc/2. We can say that when Vp=0, where Q1 and Q2 is OFF.

Where Vo is input output relationship for the half bridge converter



Let start our project


 Components Required


A resistor is a substance which opposes the flow of electron through it. The SI unit of resistor is ohm. It is represent by R . The formula is V=IR. V potential, I current and R resistance.








diode A diode is a device in which the current is flow only in one direction. The current is flowing from anode to cathode. As you see in the picture. The SI unit of diode is Volt.





A capacitor is act as a battery. It can store energy in it. The energy is in the form of electrical charges. The SI unit of capacitor is Farad.




         An inductor is a device that temporarily stores energy in a form of magnetic field. Inductors are usually just coils of wires and one of the basic properties of electromagnetism is that when you have current flowing through a wire, you will create a small magnetic field around it. So of you coil a lot of wire we will get a strong magnetic field.




         The IR2104 are high voltage. MOSFET drivers with high and low side output. The maximum off set volt is up to 500V. The gate supply range from 10 to 20V.  The logic input is from 3.3v.


Vcc =Low side and logic fixed supply voltage

Vs= High side floating supply offset voltage

Hin= High side gate driver output

HO= High side gate drive output

Lin= Low side gate driver output

LO = Low side gate drive output

COM= Low side return



MOSFET Driver:

         The MOSFET  is a semiconductor device. It is used as a amplifier of signals in electronic circuits. It is used as discrete components in integrated circuit. MOSFET is unipolar transistor. MOSFET is terminals device with S(source),G(grain), D(drain). Body terminal is normally internal connected to source making to appear as a three terminals device in circuits. There a two channels. N type ,P type. In n type current flow due to flow of electrons and in p type current is flow positive charge holes.


ir2104 DC to DC converter with arduino in proteus

        ir2104 DC to DC converter with arduino in proteus,proteus simulation

         When Q1 is turned on the resonance current generated by inductor and capacitor which is indicated by red line start to flow. At this time, the end of transformer has positive polarity Co is charged as D1 is turned on. Power is transmitted from the primary side to secondary side. These waveform which is display on the oscilloscope. The first yellow shows the high signals. Second shows the low signal. Third pink wave shows the output of the low signal and fourth shows signal of the low side.

ir2104 DC to DC converter


In this article, you learned about the half bridge converter.

          Hope you enjoyed this lesson & stay connected with us.


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