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  • The IRF740 N channel Metal oxide field-effect transistor that used to control load having a voltage value of five hundred volts.
  • Like other MOSFET it also has three pinouts that are drain gate and source. These pinouts help to make connections with other devices to make circuitry.
  • Due to N channel configuration in this transistor conduction process is occurred by the free electronic since N channel has majority carriers as electrons.
  • This device comprises of large voltage gates because it used to control such loads that use large voltage and currents. Due to these features do not link it to the CPU pinout directly.
  • Its high value On resistance RDS makes its less effective for many applications that have a value of 0.85 ohms. So it not preferred for applications where high efficiency is needed.
  • Due to less cost and less value of thermal resistance is used in DC to DC converters circuitries.

Introduction to IRF740 MOSFET


IRF740 Pinout

  • There are 3 main pinouts of this device that are described here.
  • Source:It is an output terminal through which the current is taken out having a value of eight-ampere extreme.
  • Gate: It operates like the door of your home that regulates the biasing of MOSFET generally having a value of ten volts.
  • Drain: For the flow of current this terminal is used.

IRF740 Features

  • The main features of this device are described here with detail. before using this device you must know the main specifications that help to make it effective for you.
  • It is an N channel metal-oxide field-effect transistor module.
  • The value of drain to source breakdown voltage is five hundred volts.
  • The value of continuous drain current is eight amperes.
  • The value of drain to source resistance is 0.8f ohm.
  • The common packaging scheme in which it is available is To-220.

IRD740 Applications

  • The main applications of this transistor are described here.
  • For such applications where high-speed switching is needed this module is used.
  • It is the main part of the inverter circuitry.
  • DC to DC converters circuitry used it.
  • The devices that required high power this module used as switches.
  • it can also be used to control of the speed of the motor.
  • LED dimers used it.


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