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Hi fellows! Hope you all good. In this Lesson we are going to sending GPS location data over GSM. So let’s start our lesson.

Sending GPS location data over GSM

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Basically there are three important devices in this project which are GPS abbreviation is Global Positioning System, GSM Module, and last one is Arduino. Now we are going to send the live latitude and longitude received by the GPS module to a mobile phone though SMS by using GSM.

GPS Receiver:

A GPS receiver is a component that receives information from GPS satellites and acquires the geographical location of the device.

GPS & Arduino Connection:

Ardiuno Pin GPS Pin
Tx Digital pin 5 Rx
Rx Digital pin 4 Tx


A GSM is a component used to set up communication over a mobile network. GSM and GPRS device need a SIM card to conduct or to register a link with the network operator and service provider.

Components Required:


GPS Module

GSM Module


The GPS receiver gains the data in the form of format text. Only the latitude and longitude are taken from it, using the Arduino. Then the GSM device sends SMS to the number define in the code.

This code is very important for GPS and GSM projects like Vehicle Tracing and other based on Arduino in which live location sharing or tracking devices etc.

The switch input based GPS required a manual action to conduct & sends SMS. It is only to send the location by ourselves. By just simple changing the circuit can be joined with a large range of sensors to detect flame, vibration, or matching devices to automatically operate on particular events. Such as, vehicles accident occurs and in a few minutes message will send the location of accident vehicle to rescue team.


Now a day, the occurrence of theft is common. It makes pressure on the consumer to install a tracking device, which will help them to know the exact position of their stolen vehicle. This vehicle tracking component allows the user to know his vehicle’s location in real time. It is trouble free to install the system in the vehicle and it needs low maintenance. The latitude and longitude show the correct location on the Google map by using the android application.

So this is it. I hope you consider this guide useful.

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