Brushless DC Motor circuit using Arduino 17

Brushless DC Motor control using Arduino

Hello Fellows, I am back with a new and fascinating topic. Today we are going to see Brushless DC Motor control using Arduino. Let’s start.

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        When the Brushless DC motor revolve, each twist 3 windings cause back electromotive force resist the major voltage. The 3 generated back electromotive force signals are 120 out of stage which is the matching as the detecting signals. Sensored Brushless DC motor has construct-in 3 sensors. These sensors conscious the rotor location of the Brushless DC motor. Managing a sensored Brushless DC motor is simple. Sensorless Brushless DC motor does not have any sensor to conscious its rotor location, its commutation is based upon the back electromotive force manufacture in the stator windings.

Components Required:







Brushless DC Motor




        Button is an electrical component which has the ability to make and break the electric circuit automatically and manually. Switch is mainly works with open and closed loop. When the switch is open the two terminals of switch are connected and current flows between them. When switch closed the terminals are not connected so current does not flow.


Resistors are works in huge amount assemble in electronic equipment. Literally the resistor is probably the most normal type of electronic component works in together electrical and electronic circuits.

There are a huge amount of contrasting types of resistor that can be purchased and work on it. Even though many resistors used in a difference of request for type of resistor can be main in some cases.


                A capacitor is a two end stage electrical device. Through with resistors and inductors, they are the most basic submissive components we work on. Capacitor is a unique component which has the ability to stock energy in it.  They are similar with electric battery. Capacitor as we normally mention to have all type of censorious request in circuits. Usual applications embrace local energy storage and complex signal filtering.


A diode is a microelectronic gadget which has two sides which permit the current to pass only in one direction.




The IR2101 are high voltage. MOSFET drivers with high and low side output. The highest off set volt is 600V. The gate supply range from 10 to 20V.  The logic input is from 3.3v.


Vcc =Low side and logic fixed supply voltage

Vs= High side floating supply offset voltage

Hin= High side gate driver output

HO= High side gate drive output

Lin= Low side gate driver output

LO = Low side gate drive output

COM= Low side return

MOSFET Driver:

         The MOSFET abbreviation is metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor is a transistor which utilized for convert electronic signals.  MOSFETs are posses huge switching to 100 khz. The controller current is depending on the base current consequently the current is extremely depending on the joint temperature.  MOSFETs are containing of n type and p type but they are organizing in dissimilar style.



        Arduino is an open-origin platform suited for construct the electronics projects. Arduino contain of both together either a physical programmable board and Integrated Development Environment that rush on your computer, suited to write and transfer computer code to the physical board.

The Arduino program has become absolutely famous in people just doing electronics. Similarly older programmable circuit board, the Arduino does not require separating section of hardware is called a programmer in sequence to load code onto the board you can directly use a USB cable. Furthermore, the Arduino Integrated Development Environment utilized a clarity version of C++ languages, manufacture and easy to absorb and program. Eventually, Arduino impart a standard form element that shatter out the functions of the microcontroller into a reachable bundle.

Brushless DC Motor:

        Brushless DC motors are related to AC motors. The important dissimilarity is that AC motors grow a sinusoidal back electromotive force, as collate to a rectangular, trapezoidal, back electromotive force for brushless DC motors.

Both have turbine generate rotating magnetic fields making torque in a magnetic stator.

AC motors are normally large multi-KW area, frequently with electromagnet stator. Brushless DC motors manage to be small for few watts to 10 of watts, with constant magnet stator.

The rush of a brushless DC motor is not secure unless driven by a gradational locked loop to a testimonial frequency. The technique of building is one or the other cylindrical and pancakes.


 So guys this is it. I hope we had a great experience with us. Stay connected to get this useful and interested topic.


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