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Hi friends! In this project, we will see what is a Flame Sensor, which components we going to use, how to join a Flame Sensor with Arduino and How the Arduino Flame Sensor works?

What is Flame Sensor

  Flame Sensors, or Fire Alarms are part of protection appliances that help us in keeping our homes, offices and stores protect from fire trouble.
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In our societies like houses, malls, cinema halls, office buildings and shops are provide with protection appliances and it is compulsory in some areas to install this fire protection devices.

Arduino Flame Interface:

Whether you are utilizing the Flame Sensors with Analog Output, interfacing it with Arduino is very simple. By interfacing a Flame Sensor with Arduino, you can identify fire and switch on the Buzzer any other emergency protection measurements like shutting off gas valves.

Components Required:

  • Arduino
  • Flame Sensor
  • Buzzer
  • NPN Transistor
  • LCD

Flame Sensor Circuit:

Flame Sensor has three pins VCC, GND and Out. Join VCC and GND to 5V and GND of the power supply can be attached with Arduino 5V. The Out pin is attached to Digital input/output Pin of Arduino.

In order to check the detection of a flame, a Buzzer is used. The Buzzer is operating through Digital input/output pin of Arduino. The Buzzer circuit is protection equipment and is not compulsory. You can attach the Buzzer directly to Arduino.

Flame Sensor Working

To test the workability of the flame sensor, place a fired lighter in front of the sensor. In normal conditions, the output side of Flame Sensor is HIGH. When the sensors identify any fire, its output becomes LOW. Arduino identify this LOW signal on its input pin and switch on the Buzzer.

Flame Sensor Application

        Flame Sensors are very main devices in identifying fire and they ca  n be utilized in varies applications like:

  • Warehouses
  • Automobile
  • Protection Equipments
  • Fighting Robots

So this is it. I hope you consider this guide useful. Share this post those friends that also love electronics! You can communicate me by leaving a comment. Thanks.


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Flame Sensor working circuit proteus library


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