co2 meter using old,oled circuit arduino

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[otw_is sidebar=otw-sidebar-1]co2 meter using old,oled circuit arduinoHello friends! In today’s Projectiot topic(oled circuit proteus library) we will study Interfacing Microcontroller with SSD1306 Oled. So let us start out topic.

Interfacing Microcontroller with SSD1306 OLED

  • This project shows how to write texts on SSD1306 OLED show using PIC16F877 microcontroller.
  • In this project the SSD1306 OLED is customized to work in I2C manner.
  •  So, that your SSD1306 OLED show is customized to work in I2C manner, some exhibit require the jumper put down and do some patch.
  • Actually the topic is for interfacing microcontroller components with restricted RAM with SSD1306 OLED shows, if the components have enough RAM.


Main Components

  • Microcontroller
  • OLED
  • Resistor


  •         The OLED do not show require backlight, which outcome in a very nice difference in black environments. Besides, its pixels absorb energy only on so the OLED shows absorb less power when contrast with other set out.
  • The model we are utilizing here has only four pins and interface with the arduino apply I2C interface protocol. There are models comes with a reset pin.
  • There are more OLED show communicates using SPI communication.
  • The SSD1306 OLED shows interface with the important components I2C mode and 8-bit parallel mode.
  • Normally the SSD1306 OLED needs a RAM cushion with all screen data. For example the SSD1306 effort in I2C mode and the microcontroller has a restricted RAM of 368 bytes which unkind utilized an effort of 1024 byte is not feasible.

4 pin oled display

  1. pin number one is ground
  2. pin number two is vcc(3.3 v to 5 v)
  3. pin number three is SCL (Serial Clock)
  4. pin number four is SDA (Serial Data)



6 pin oled display


7 pin oled display

download ssd1306 library and c code

oled display arduino code

oled library for proteus


co2 meter using arduino with oled

This Project display how to build a temperature CO2 and relative humidity measurements  using Arduino NANO and DHT11 sensor where the measured values of the temperature ,CO2 and the humidity are displayed on 128×64 OLED screen with SSD1306 driver.


co2 meter using old,oled circuit ,arduino proteus library ,oled simulation



Pcb Design OLED

here is the pcb design oled project using proteus



pcb design oled


        Resistors are works in huge amount assemble in electronic equipment. Literally the resistor is probably the most normal type of electronic component works in together electrical and electronic circuits.

There are a huge amount of contrasting types of resistor that can be purchased and work on it. Even though many resistors used in a difference of request for type of resistor can be main in some cases.

How to Simulate Arduino in Proteus

So guys this is it. I hope we had a great experience with us. Stay connected to get this useful and interested topic(oled circuit proteus library).



Microcontroller used to execute a single task. Microcontroller has the capacity to control all the functions. Microcontroller is utilized in much application so they will entrance the committed  devices which are managing all the functions. Microcontroller can be utilized in many items like engine controllers in the automobiles. They are utilizing in the washing machines, VCD players, and microwave ovens for controlling the temperature. Microcontroller is also utilized in cameras to subjection and focus. So in all the require appeal where managing is essential microcontrollers can be utilized. By utilizing of CMOS machinery the size of these microcontrollers is very tiny.

oled circuit arduino specification pinout proteus library simulation

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