PIC Microcontroller Interfacing with GPS module Proteus Simulation

PIC Microcontroller Interfacing with GPS module Proteus Simulation 22

[otw_is sidebar=otw-sidebar-1]PIC Microcontroller Interfacing with GPS module Proteus SimulationHello Fellows, I am back with a new and fascinating topic. Today we are going to see PIC Microcontroller Interfacing with GPS module. Let’s start.

PIC Microcontroller Interfacing with GPS module

GPS is the abstract of Global Positioning System. It is a system which gives precise Altitude, Latitude, Longitude and noticeably more information, which are grasping from satellite. To read data from GPS, we require some microcontroller and we already afflicted GPS with Raspberry Pi.

We have selected GPS module which is construct by U-box. We will obtain longitude and latitude of a specific location from satellite and will exhibit the same on a 16*2 LCD.

PIC Microcontroller Interfacing with GPS module Proteus Simulation

Components Required:

PIC16F877A Microcontroller

GPS Module

Virtual Terminal

GPS Module:

        The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-build map reading system that comprise of 24 circuiting satellites, which is build of two circuits throughout  the Earth every 24 hour. These satellites transfer three bits of details. The satellite’s number and its location in space, and the time the details are sending. These signals are collect by the GPS receiver, which utilizes this detail to determine the interspaced between it and the GPS satellites.

With signals from three or more satellites are coming, a GPS receiver can determine its position on the ground from the familiar location of the satellites. With four other satellites, a GPS receiver can control 3D. In a meanwhile, a GPS receiver can give data on your momentum and management of travel. A GPS receiver can entrance the system. Because GPS give real-time, three-dimensional positioning, navigation, and timing 24 hour a day. It is utilized in numerous petitions, together with data collection.

P16F877A  Microcontroller:

        The PIC Microcontroller program is saving in ROM memory in numbered position. The P16F877A save a biggest of 14-bit commands in ROM and has 368 bytes of RAM and 33 pins. The P16F877A descent utilizes only 35 commands, and the program is accomplished in arrangements, besides there is a jump commands. The program counter pathway the current direction address. A layout of words is loaded at first to choose the clock type and other chip choice. The program source code is get together into machine code Hex decimals and transfer to the chip and the demand hardware tested.

PIC microcontrollers are very useful components for use in lot of electronic projects. They are very low priced and easy to detect. PICs are also easy to program. These instructions will walk across the process of position up the software and building a project. They are designed to be very opening ended after the project is build and the basics are complete the reader is hearten to examine all the features in these instructions. You will find that these instructions will move walking along step by step but the instructions close the end the reader is hearten to consider other ways of achieve the task.

Virtual Terminal: 

Virtual Terminal is a very helpful tool accessible in the Proteus. Virtual Terminal can easily imitate the serial communication to implant systems. It is main to every microcontroller that is utilized in the implant system has unified which is adopted to execute serial communication in the middle of other hardware used in implant system that also carry receiving and transmission. Consequent the Virtual Terminal do the role while imitate the implanted conformity systems that assent the serial communication between the Universal Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter.

So guys this is it. I hope we had a great experience with us. Stay connected to get this useful and interested topic.

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