Interfacing Microcontroller with temperature sensor

Interfacing Microcontroller with temperature sensor 19

[otw_is sidebar=otw-sidebar-1]Interfacing Microcontroller with temperature sensorHello Friends, I am back with a new and informative topic. Today we are going to see Interfacing Microcontroller with temperature sensor. Let’s start.

Interfacing Microcontroller with temperature sensor

        The DHT11 sensor approach in a single row means 4 pin packages and work from 3.3 to 5.5V power supply. It can calculate temperature from 0 to 50C with a precise of ±2C and comparative humidity between from 20 to 90% with a precise 5%. The sensor supply fully measured digital output for the two sequential. It has acquired its own tenure 1 wire and the conveying connecting the sensor and a microcontroller is not feasible by a direct interface with any of its outlying. The agreement executed must be in the firmware of the MCU with accurate timing necessary by the sensor.

Main Components




Temperature Sensor (DHT11)



Resistors are works in huge amount assemble in electronic equipment. Literally the resistor is probably the most normal type of electronic component works in together electrical and electronic circuits.

There are a huge amount of contrasting types of resistor that can be purchased and work on it. Even though many resistors used in a difference of request for type of resistor can be main in some cases.

Temperature Sensor:

        DHT11 is compound with a measured by digital signal output. By utilizing to complete the digital-signal-acquisition method of temperature & humidity sensing technology, make sure its reliability is high and excellent long-term solidity. This sensor comprises a resistive-type humidity computation component and an NTC temperature computation component, and attach with a high performance having 8-bit microcontroller handout great quality, quick response, anti-interference capacity and cost-efficacy.


        LCD is liquid crystal diode with the purpose of displaying characters e.g letters and numbers. Most common sizes of alphanumeric are 16*2 and 16*4. For manage the partition there is a 4- bit data and 3 control pins in lcd.


        A potentiometer is a three-terminal resistor in which the resistance can control the flow of electric current. In short we can say that it’s comfortably managing the flow of electron.



        The term Microcontroller is collected of two words micro and controller. ‘Micro’ intends very tiny in size. The word ‘controller’ intends a device which manages the operations of all the components.

Microcontroller has the capacity to manage all the functions. Microcontroller can be utilizing as the engine controllers in the automobiles. They are also utilized in the washing machines, VCD players, and microwave ovens for managing the temperature.

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