[otw_is sidebar=otw-sidebar-1] AUTOMATIC TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER Using PIC MicrocontrollerHello friends! Welcome with us in new topic which is about Automatic Temperature Controller using 8051. So let’s begin with today’s topic.



If the user set a reference temperature to 40C then heater will remain On up to 40C and after the above 40C the heater turn Off and other side the cooler reference temperature up to 50C will turn On and after the temperature below the cooler will turn Off and the motor will stop and heater will start.

With the help of this microcontroller we going to built a circuit in proteus software. But first we have to collect all the components from libraries.














        The term Microcontroller is collected of two words micro and controller. ‘Micro’ intends very tiny in size. The word ‘controller’ intends a device which manages the operations of all the components.

Microcontroller has the capacity to manage all the functions. Microcontroller can be utilizing as the engine controllers in the automobiles. They are also utilized in the washing machines, VCD players, and microwave ovens for managing the temperature.


Pump is a device that is used to shift a fluid from one site to another site. This device is very useful in electrical, mechanical, Civil Engineering. It’s also used for construction of Robotics, Automobile for the treatment of plants to paper mills and many other things. Pump motor considered as hydraulic machine which raise pressure of fluid.


Resistors are works in huge amount assemble in electronic equipment. Literally the resistor is probably the most normal type of electronic component works in together electrical and electronic circuits.

There are a huge amount of contrasting types of resistor that can be purchased and work on it. Even though many resistors used in a difference of request for type of resistor can be main in some cases.


        A capacitor is a two end stage electrical device. Through with resistors and inductors, they are the most basic submissive components we work on. Capacitor is a unique component which has the ability to stock energy in it.  They are similar with electric battery. Capacitor as we normally mention to have all type of censorious request in circuits. Usual applications embrace local energy storage and complex signal filtering.


        lcd is liquid crystal diode with the purpose of displaying characters e.g letters and numbers. Most common sizes of alphanumeric are 16*2 and 16*4. For manage the partition there is a 4- bit data and 3 control pins in lcd.


A keypad which have 4rows and 4 columns and connected with pins by a flexible Pcb. When any number is pressed the row and the column pins process the data as in matrix and identified the location of the key press. Remember left side pins are row pins and right side pin are column pins. A basic structure of a keypad having total 16 Buttons and with one display screen.


A potentiometer is a three-terminal resistor in which the resistance can control the flow of electric current. In short we can say that it’s easily to control the flow of electron.






A diode is a microelectronic gadget which has two sides which permit the current to pass only in one direction.

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