pic microcontroller interfacing with lcd in proteus

pic microcontroller interfacing with lcd in proteus 26

[otw_is sidebar=otw-sidebar-1]pic microcontroller interfacing with lcd in proteus,MICROCONTROLLER PIC16F877Hello fellow! Welcome with us in new topic which is about Interfacing LCD with microcontroller. So let’s begin with today’s topic


PIC Microcontroller Iterfacing with Lcd in Proteus

Today I’m going to play different commands to print different characters at different location on LCD. By the help of this Pic microcontroller can send different data to different location and connect it with lcd to display and show the data which the microcontroller are sending. By the help of these components we will construct this circuit.

pic microcontroller interfacing with lcd in proteus

Alphanumeric LCD

Alphanumeric lcd is liquid crystal diode with the purpose of displaying characters e.g letters and numbers.

LCD Pin Layout:


Pins Signals Description
1. Vss 0V
2. Vdd +5V
3. Vo Ground with resistor
4. Rs Reset pin
5. R/W Read/Write
6. E Enable control pin
7. DB0 Data pins 0 to 7 forms an 8-bit. They can be attaching with Microcontroller to send 8-bit data.
8. DB1
9. DB2
10. DB3
11. DB4
12. DB5
13. DB6
14. DB7
15. LED+ +5V for backlight
16. LED- 0V


So guys this is it. I hope we had a great learning experience from this platform. So stay connected with us to get this benefical and interested topic.



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