UART communication with PIC Microcontroller 18

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UART communication with PIC Microcontroller

Why we using UART?

The universal asynchronous receiver-transmitter is use for data format and transmission speed. Serial communication using a Microcontroller is one of the uncomplicated operations to grasp on a microcontroller used almost in every single application. We can easily communicate with computer using UART.

Now I will show you by using this component in proteus and you the circuit.

Devices we are using:


PIC microcontroller



Simple UART With PIC16F877A



        UART is a committed hardware related with serial communication. The hardware of UART can be a circuit builds on the microcontroller.

UART is one of the easiest and most repeatedly used in serial communication operation. Now a day’s UART is used in lots of applications like GPS Receivers, GSM, Wireless Communication, Radio frequency identification based applications.

If you recall the old computer systems, devices included Mouse, Printer are attached using a heavy adaptor at the back. These entire gadgets communicated using UART.

In fact USB has restored all types of communication with computers. Mostly all the microcontrollers have committed UART hardware construct in architecture. The important cause for integrating the UART hardware in to microcontrollers is that it is a serial communication and needs only two wires to connect with device and perform communication.

Pin layout:

Pins Description Output value
RXD Input 0
CTS Input 0
RTS Output 1
TXD Output 1




void getserial(){


if (UART1_Data_Ready()) {     // If data is received,
      uart_rd = UART1_Read();     // read the received data,
//      */



PIC microcontroller:  



        A device which stocks the electricity in the condition of charges is known as the capacitor. When we attach the positive side of capacitor to positive side of battery and negative side will connect to negative side of battery. In this situation the battery will charge the capacitor. If we want to release our capacitor then we have to together both side of the capacitor or we can joined the capacitor in the circuit. We can utilize the capacitor where we desire to turn the AC voltage to DC voltage. The unit of capacitor is Faraday (f).


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