ultrasonic sensor arduino projects with buzzer

ultrasonic sensor arduino projects with buzzer 20

[otw_is sidebar=otw-sidebar-1]ultrasonic sensor arduino projects with buzzer I hope you all will be fine. Today, (ultrasonic sensor arduino projects )I would like to give a complete discussion on Ultrasonic Sensor using Arduino. I would like to explain you some detail about ultrasonic sensor, afterward we will move to ultrasonic sensor Arduino interfacing.

Ultrasonic Sensor Using Arduino


Ultrasonic sensor is well known as SONAR sensor. The abbreviation of SONAR is (Sound Navigation and Ranging). Ultrasonic is usually used for the distance measurements. It can also be utilized for measuring the depth of the sea. Ultrasonic sensor is an electronic component used to evaluate the distance of an object by constantly transmitting sound waves at a specific frequency and listens to that transmitted sound wave to bounce back. It calculates the time between the transmission and receiving of that sound wave, which is equal to the distance of an object from the sensor. An optical sensor has both qualities for transmitter to transmit and a receiver to receive the waves. But if we compare the optical sensors ultrasonic sensor has only a single device for both transmitting and receiving ultrasonic or sound waves. The fundamental principle of ultrasonic sensor is that, it transmits ultrasonic waves and receives it back after returning back from the surface of the object and also calculate the time connecting transmitting and receiving of the ultrasonic wave.

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ultrasonic sensor arduino projects with buzzerUltrasonic Sensor Interface:

Ultrasonic sensor is used for measuring the distance between the object and the sensor itself. It transmits ultrasonic waves and receives it back after returning back from the surface of an object. Then it calculates the time during complete process which is equal to the distance between object and the sensor. It has four pins. It is very easy to utilize. It is easily available in the market. It has very cheat cost.

Pins Description of  Ultrasonic Sensor

Pin Name Description
Vcc Voltage supply 5v
Trig Trigger pulse input
Echo Echo pulse output
GND Ground


Component Required


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Ultrasonic Sensor


Explanation of diagram:

Connect the lcd wires 4, 6 and 13 with arduino pins 4,5 and 6. For this lesson we are using the four big LCD modes. Attach the Trig Pin of the Ultrasonic Sensor to the Pin 12. The Echo pin connected to Physical Pin 13. Finally, require the 5V and GND connections to the Ultrasonic Sensor Pins.


  1. A simple project is executed here, where we have seen that how to interface an HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor. Ultrasonic sensor transmits sound waves.
  2. These waves are returned back from the surface of an object.
  3. Ultrasonic sensors receive the returned waves.
  4. Then it measures the time passed during the complete process, from transmission to receiving, it is well known as round trip (RT) time.
  5. This time is equivalent to the distance between an object and the sensor.


This sensor can be used in a lot of applications like:

  • Obstacle Avoiding
  • Range meter
  • Distance measure
  • Detectors

So this is it. I hope you consider this guide useful. Let me know if you required any help with its projects. Will meets you guys next time. Till then take care, have more fun.

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ultrasonic sensor arduino projects with buzzer


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