Bluetooth Controlled Robot Using Arduino

Bluetooth Controlled Robot Using Arduino 22

Bluetooth Controlled Robot Using ArduinoIn this lesson, I will discuss with you that how to build and develop a Bluetooth Controlled Robot using Arduino, HC 05 Bluetooth device and L293D Motor Driver. For Bluetooth Transmission, I will be utilizing a Smart Phone with an Phone App to control the Robotic Car.

Bluetooth Controlled Robot Using Arduino

Robots are always a famous topic for students. If you are beginner, then building a robot is likely a one of the major projects to do after learning about the basics.  
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So, I will be executing Bluetooth Controlled Robot using Arduino with basic components and design a simple robotic car that can be controlled using an Android App for Bluetooth Communication.


Bluetooth Controlled Robot Using Arduino

Requirements for Bluetooth Controller Robot

Apart from Arduino, which is the important controlling device of the project, there are two other main modules that you have to be familiar with in order to execute the Bluetooth Controlled Robot project.

They are the HC-05 Bluetooth component and the L293D Motor Driver component.

Components Required


Motor Driver



NPN Transistor

Arduino Nano   

Circuit Design

Bluetooth Controlled Robot Using ArduinoFirst is the HC-05 Bluetooth component. The 5v and GND pins of the Bluetooth component are attached to 5v and GND of Arduino.

Since I will only send transmitting data related to the Robot’s movement from Android App to Bluetooth Module and do not mean to receive any data from Arduino, I will join only the TX pin of the Bluetooth component to RX Pin of Arduino. The RX pin of the Bluetooth left side is open.

Now take the Motor Driver. Digital Input and Output Pins 9 to 12 of Arduino are taken as Input pins of the Motor Driver and are attached to IN1 to IN4 of the L293D Motor Driver. In this project we can attach 4 geared motors. But L293D has only two motors so I have connected the left motors as one set and the right motors as other set and attached both these sets to the output of L293D Module.


After assemble the robot, make the required connections and upload the code to Arduino. The Bluetooth Controlled Robot project is very simple.

In the Android App, I am using 5 keys as Forward, Reverse, Left, Right and Stop. If we press 1 number robot will go forward. If we press 2 number robot will go reverse. If we press 3 number robot will go left. If we press 4 number robot will go right. If we press 5 number robot will be stop.

When a key is pressed, the similar data is transmitted to the Bluetooth device from the Phone over Bluetooth Communication. If Forward key is pressed in the Android App, then 1 is transfer. Arduino will then press IN1 and IN3 as high and IN2 and IN4 as low to reach a forward motion.



  • Home automation
  • Military Application (without human interference)
  • Low range Surveillance Devices

So this is it. I hope you consider this guide helpful. Will meets you guys next time with new topic. Till then take care, have fun.

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Bluetooth Controlled Robot Using Arduino


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