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[otw_is sidebar=otw-sidebar-1]HT12E HT12D,RF Module ,proteus circuit, pinout, HT12E ,HT12DHi Friends! In this project(RF Module circuit ), a wireless receiver system using RF device RF Transmitter and RF Receiver) is executed. I am going to talk about circuit diagram, and working of this project.

RF Module circuit using HT12E HT12D

Communication over Radio Frequency has many advantages as it does not need a line of sight join between the transmitter and receiver in case of Infrared communication.

The range of RF communication is very large when compared to IR communication.

An RF Transmitter and Receiver pair is utilizing for wireless communication. The wireless transmission is done using radio frequency signals that are adjusted by using Amplitude Shift Keying technique.

To accomplish the wireless transmitter and receiver, we have to use an encoder IC and a decoder IC.

HT12E RF Module circuit, HT12E ,HT12D

Required Components


  • RF Module
  • LED
  • Buttons
  • HT12E
  • HT12D
  • Resistor
  • Battery



Circuit Diagram 

The circuit is cut on parts one is transmitter and receiver sections. The transmitter division consists of an RF Transmitter, HT12E encoder and having four push buttons.

The receiver division consists of RF Receiver, HT12D Decoder with four LED light. An extra LED is attached to Valid Transmission pin of the decoder. This is used to show a successful transmission of data.

RF Module circuit using HT12E HT12DA resistor is attached between the oscillator terminals of encoder. The main purpose is to enable the oscillator. Apparently, the other resistor is joining between the oscillator pins of decoder.


  • The main purpose of this project is to execute a wireless transmitter and also a receiver by using RF device. We can utilized the radio signals to transmit the data. The working of the project is below.
  • The transmitter and receiver segments are placed at a distance of 20 meters. In order to appear the working of wireless communication between transmitter and receiver, four LEDs light at receiver side are controlled by four buttons at transmitter side.
  • The HT12E encoder transforms the four bit data from the four data pins that are attached to buttons into serial data. This serial data is sending to RF transmitter. The RF transmitter transfers this serial data using radio signals.
  • At the receiver side, the RF receiver gets the serial data. This serial data is sent to HT12D decoder which transform into four bit parallel data.
  • The four data pins of decoder are joined to LEDs light. When we pushed the buttons, the LEDs can be turned ON and OFF.


  • As RF device does not need a line of sight communication, the transmitter and receiver can cover the distance and data can be transmitted successfully.
  • The wireless transmitter and receiver can be utilizing in car door and garage door controllers.
  • They can also use in home automation systems.
  • Working voltage:- 3v to 12v


HT12E HT12D proteus library

here is the HT12E HT12D proteus library

HT12E-Pinout HT12D-Pinout

HERE is HT12E Encoder  IC Pinout  and HT12D RF Decoder IC Pinout


So this is it. I hope you consider this guide useful. Will meets you guys next time. Till then take care, have more fun.




RF Module proteus circuit pinout HT12E HT12D



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