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[otw_is sidebar=otw-sidebar-1]Stepper motor circuit proteus library,Stepper motor circuit,arduino stepper motorHi Friends! In this project, we will build a simple system to control a stepper motor by using Arduino. We will utilize Arduino as the cheif controlling part of the project to manage the steps of the stepper motor.


Stepper Motor Control Using Arduino

  • A Stepper Motor is a type of DC Motor that rotates in different steps. Due to their special design, stepper motors can be controlled for accurate positioning without any feedback.
  • A stepper motor has various coils that are divided into phases.
  • When each phase is energized in a line, the rotors of the stepper motor start rotating in steps. If the stepper motor is rotating at its highest speed and you are consistently sending the command by the serial port to slow down its speed, then its speed will be slow in proportion to the number of command sent by the serial port. Likely, the same process will be followed to increase the speed of the stepper motor.


Stepper motor circuit proteus library,Arduino stepper motor

Types of Stepper motor

Basically, there are three kinds of stepper motors:

  1. Variable Reluctance VR,
  2. Permanent Magnet PM
  3. Hybrid Motor.     

These are based on the winding of the stator. Stepper motor can also be in form of Bipolar Stepper Motors and Unipolar Stepper Motors


It is important to recognize whether your stepper motor is a bipolar or unipolar. This is because the driving technique for each of these stepper motors is different from the other.

For instance, the driver circuit of a unipolar stepper motor can be executed with simple transistor based circuit. But for instance a bipolar stepper motor, we require to implement an H-bridge type driver like L293D Motor Driver.

Components Required

8051 stepper motor interfacing with programming in proteus


Arduino interfacing stepper motor with LCD in proteus,stepper motor circuit

Arduino interfacing stepper motor with LCD in proteus


Motor Shield V2 with 2 Stepper motors


Motor Shield V2 with 4 DC motors circuit,arduino stepper motor

Raspberry Pi Stepper motor


Circuit Design

In this project, we are using a bipolar stepper motor. Since it is a bipolar motor, there are only 4 wires we require to connect. So, attach the two wires from one coil to input 4 and 6 of motor and the other two wires from second coil to outputs 7 and 5.

Understand the power needs of your stepper motor and give necessary power supply. Wrong power supply would permanently destroy the motor.


A Stepper Motor Control using Arduino is designed in this project. The working of the project is explained here. The stepper motor used in this project is a Bipolar Permanent Magnet Hybrid type Stepper Motor. Since it is a bipolar motor, there are only 4 wires attach to the end terminals of coil. The motor using in this project has 200 step counts ability. With one phase stepper motor energizing only one phase at a time, we can get the normal 200 step rotation with least power absorbing.

Two phase stepper motor is a technique where two phases are energized at a time. With this technique, the step count does not vary from the one phase but the torque and speed is substantially increased.


  • Stepper motors are normally utilized in robots, CNC Machines, industrial, small appliances like printers.
  • Simple Construction
  • Reliability is high
  • Maintenance is low
  • Works in any situation


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So this is it. I hope you consider this guide useful. Will meets you guys next time. Till then take care, have more fun.








Stepper motor circuit proteus library Types Applications


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