WS2812B RGB LEDs Using Arduino

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[otw_is sidebar=otw-sidebar-1]WS2812B RGB LEDs Using Arduino,WS2812B RGB LEDs proteus libraryIn this lesson, we will take a look at a product known as the WS2812B Addressable LEDs. They are singly addressable RGB LEDs and are also called NeoPixel manufacture by Adafruit Company. So we will gain information about the WS2812B LEDs, its structure and working and also how to control individually LEDs using Arduino.


WS2812B RGB LEDs Using Arduino

  • The addressable RGB LED Strip is a bright light source that carries a control IC and an LED in a same bundle, normally in SMD form. The following image displays a strip of WS2812B LEDs.
  • At first glance, it display is like a regular LED strip. But a closer look on it, you can find the WS2812B LED Control IC into the SMD 5050 RGB LED.
  • Separate WS2812B LED Block has four pins namely as VDD, GND, DIN and DOUT.
  • The power supply for the WS2812B LED Control IC is also supplied through the VDD pin.

WS2812B RGB LEDs Using Arduino,WS2812B RGB LEDs in proteus

WS2812B  Pinout


Pin Name Description
Vdd Power supply for LED
GND Ground
Din Data signal input
Dout Data signal output


Required Components

  • Arduino
  • WS2812B

Circuit Diagram

The above image shows connection between Arduino and the WS2812B RGB LED Strips. The 5v of Arduino and the LEDs are attached to an outer side power supply along with the GND.

The DIN pin of the LED Strip is attached to Digital Input and Output pin 6 of the Arduino.


Every single WS2812B LED Pixels has three LEDs and also a control IC. So, the current requirement of one pixel is almost 60mA. If you have a strip that carries 20 WS2812B having single addressable LEDs, then the total current requirement is 1.2A.

This is more than Arduino can supply, neither through the USB port which gives a maximum of 300mA and one other option is through 5v barrel jack which gives a maximum of 900mA.

So, the best way to power up the project with both options Arduino and the WS2812B LED Strips is with the help of an external 5v supply that gives enough current.


So this is a simple introduction to WS2812B Individually Addressable LEDs is given in this lesson along a proteus project to show how we can control WS2812B LEDs with Arduino. If you understand these basics, then you can execute a large scale of projects. 

WS2812B Proteus Library


So this is it. Hope you guys get information from this tutorial. See you next time with new topic. Take care 

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