l293d motor driver shield library for proteus

l293d motor driver shield library for proteus 24

<[otw_is sidebar=otw-sidebar-1]em>l293d motor driver shield library for proteusHello Friends! In this lesson, we will talk about how to manage a DC Motor using Arduino and Motor Driver. There are various ways to control a DC Motor but the Arduino DC Motor using L298N Motor Driver is becoming quite famous for many reasons.

l293d motor driver shield library for proteus

A DC Motor is the easiest of motors that beginners encounter. It is very easy to operate. Attach the two leads of the motor to the two terminals of a battery. Your motor starts working.

If you switch the terminals i.e. reverse the polarity, the motor will start rotates in reverse direction.

If you want to control the speed of rotation of a DC Motor, then there is a new method called PWM DC Motor. The Pulse Width Modulation signal generated by this method will permit us to control the average voltage that is being conveyed to the DC Motor.

Arduino DC Motor Using L298N

Now we will see a easy circuit design where we control the speed and direction of a DC Motor using Arduino and L298N. In the Arduino DC Motor Control using L298N Lesson, we will control both the features of a simple DC Motor i.e. speed and direction of rotation using a mixture of PWM Signal and L298N.

Components Required


DC Motor

Motor Driver L298N

Circuit Design

Now we will talk about the connection of this circuit.  First we have to collect all the required components from the proteus libraries. If we take a look at the Motor Driver its IN2 pin 7 is connected to Arduino pin 6. Whereas the IN1 pin 2 is attached to Arduino 7. The Motor Driver pin EN1 is connected to VSS Pin 16 where VSS pin 16 is attached with 5v. Now on the other side of Motor Driver the OUT1 is attached to DC Motor positive side and OUT2 is connected with negative side of DC Motor. 

l293d motor driver shield library for proteus


The main purpose of this project is to design an Arduino based system for managing a DC Motor. All the connections are building as per the circuit diagram mentioned above. The working of the project is very easy and is explained here.

Two buttons are utilized in this project; one is for forward and other is reverse direction of the motor. The two buttons are attached to Arduino which upload the code. The other side of the buttons is attached to ground and when the button send command, to Arduino detects low. When the Motor Driver gets below 5v the DC motor will start rotating and it will move in the forward direction. On the other hand, when the motor gets 12v above voltage then the DC motor will start rotating and it will move in reverse direction. 


  • Almost all robots have wheels and we require for controlling the motors connected to those wheels. Consequently, any Arduino based robot can execute this type of motor using L298N.
  • Motor Driver robotic applications are Hand Gesture Robot, Line Follower Robot, hurdles Avoiding Robot, etc.


So guys that’s all. Hope you love this lesson(l293d motor driver shield library for proteus) see you in next tutorial. Till than take care.

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