[otw_is sidebar=otw-sidebar-1]lm393 ir sensor circuit Arduino proteus simulation,lm393 ir sensorIn this tutorial(lm393 ir sensor), I will discuss about Speed Sensor device, how this component works and I will display you how to Interface Speed Sensor with Arduino and calculate the speed of a motor.

Interfacing Speed Sensor Using Arduino


A speed device could be a kind of measuring device that’s wont to calculate the speed of a revolving object sort of a motor. There are many kinds of Speed Sensor like Hall-effect sensors, Eddy Current speed sensor, etc. In this project, I have utilized a cheap Infrared Speed Sensor.

LM393 IR Sensor

In order to calculate speed of a motor using Arduino, I have utilized a Speed sensor with Arduino. The LM393 device is actually associate degree infrared emission device integrated with Voltage Comparator.

If you are intimate with the designs of sensor, then this sensor can also be split into two parts: the sensor and other is control part.

The sensor part of the LM393 Sensor contains an Infrared LED and an NPN Transistor. These two parts are set into each other is a housing build of black thermoplastic.

This special housing confirms that the Photo Transistor gets light only from the Infrared LED and all the external source of light is removing.

Interfacing Speed Sensor using Arduino:

The main purpose of this project is to calculate the turning speed of a motor using Arduino, so as to calculate the speed of a turning device sort of a easy DC Motor, we tend to need a special element sort of a speed device.

So, interfacing a Speed Sensor with Arduino would be useful for the project. This interface can also be helpful in many robotic applications that are executed using Arduino as the chief controller.

lm393 ir sensor circuit Arduino proteus simulation 2

Components Needed

Speed Sensor




Geared Wheel


Circuit Diagram of LM393 IR Sensor

First, attach the Vcc and GND of the Speed Sensor to 5v and GND of Arduino. The OUT pin of the sensor is attached to Pin 11 of Arduino.

Next step is LCD; its RS and E pins are attached to Pins 7 and 6 of Arduino. The data pins D4 to D7 are attached to Pins 5, 4, 3 and 2 of Arduino.

Rest of the attachment is as per the circuit diagram.

lm393 ir sensor circuit Arduino proteus simulation,lm393 ir sensorWorking of LM393 IR Sensor

The wheel is stable to the geared motor and is set in the slot of the sensor. Since the wheel is stable to the motor, one turning of the motor implicit one rotation of the wheel.

The Infrared LED and the NPN Transistor are set up directly facing each other. When there is no object place in the slot, the light from the Infrared LED always drop on the Transistor.

 Now, as I actually have discuss earlier that the wheel has twenty holes in it, therefore once the wheel setup one rotation, the infrared emission from the diode is block for twenty times from dropping on the junction transistor.


  • Speed Sensing
  • Robotics
  • Contactless Switching



I hope this lesson offers you abundant info and that I hope you get pleasure from this session. See you then in next lesson. Have fun




lm393 ir sensor circuit Arduino proteus simulation