Arduino Lm35 Temperature Sensor lcd Display Proteus Simulation

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[otw_is sidebar=otw-sidebar-1]Arduino Lm35 Temperature Sensor lcd Display Proteus Simulation,Arduino Lm35 lcd Display Hi fellows! During this project, associate Arduino primarily based digital measuring system is intended that may be accustomed monitor the temperature of area.

Arduino Lm35 Temperature Sensor With Lcd Display

Thermometer could be a temperature instrument. There square completely different principles that may be accustomed measure the temperature like thermal growth of solids or liquids, pressure of gas, measuring of infrared energy etc. supported the principle used; the development and functioning of the measuring system will modification however ultimately it lands up measure the temperature. Thermometers square measure utilized in industries, weather studies, meditative field and research project. Measuring temperature is a crucial a part of several applications. Maintaining accurate temperatures in storage rooms, laboratories, etc. is of high crucial. There square measure differing types of thermometers out there for various functions. The foremost ordinarily found measuring system could be a medical or mercury-in-glass thermometer, which could be mercury in glass sort measuring system. They are accustomed live the temperature of build associated is associate example of an analogue measuring system. Now days, the utilization of digital thermometers is increasing as they’re correct and safe to use.

Arduino Lm35 Temperature Sensor With Lcd Display,Proteus Simulation

Components Needed


LM35 Temperature device

16X2 digital displays

Circuit Design

LM35 is that the temperature device utilized in this project. The output of the device is directly proportional to the temperature however in analogue type. Hence, the output of LM35 i.e. pin two is connected to analog input A0 of Arduino. As it could be a digital measuring system, we want to convert the analogue values to digital and show the result on a show like digital display. We have a tendency to use a 16X2 digital display during this project. Pins one and a couple of digital display square measure connected to ground and provide severally. In order to regulate the distinction of the show, Pin three of digital display is connected to the wiper of a ten a ten. The opposite terminals of POT square measure connected to produce and ground. Pins fifteen and sixteen of digital display square measure accustomed flip the backlight of the digital display. They are connected to produce and ground severally. So as to show the knowledge on digital display, we want four information pins of the digital display. Pins eleven – fourteen (D4 – D7) square measure connected to Pins five – two of Arduino. Pins (RS, RW and E) of digital display square measure management pins. Pins four (RS) of digital display is connected to pin seven of Arduino. Pin five (RW) is connected to ground. Pin half dozen (E) is connected to pin half dozen of Arduino.

LM35 Temperature Sensor Arduino Code


#include <LiquidCrystal.h>

LiquidCrystal lcd(7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2);
//          BS  E  D4 D5  D6 D7

float temp1,temp2,temp3;
float hum1,hum2,hum3; 

int t11 =A0;

int fan =10;

char getData;

long tempReading ;
long tempReading1,tempc,t1 ;
long L1,G1,M1,H1,T1 ;

 char d1 = '0';
  char d2 = '0';
  char d3 = '0';
  char d4 = '0';

void setup() 
lcd.begin(16, 2);


void loop() 



void getad(){ /// measure current and display on lcd 
//lcd.clear(); lcd.setCursor(0, 0);
tempReading1 = analogRead(t11);
   tempc = tempReading1 * 5000 / 1024;
lcd.setCursor(8, 1);  lcd.print("Temp=");
// lcd.print(".");
 //  lcd.write(d4+48);




A high exactitude digital measuring system is intended during this project. It’s made with easy elements like Arduino, LM35 temperature device associated an display. The operating of the circuit is incredibly easy and is explained below. The temperature device i.e. LM35 unendingly monitors the space temperature and offers associate analogue equivalent voltage that is directly proportional to the temperature. This analogue information is given to Arduino through A0. As per the code written, the Arduino converts this analogue voltage price to digital temperature readings. This price is displayed on the digital display. The rate of modification of temperature capture is programmed within the code. The output displayed on the digital display is associate correct reading of temperature in centigrade.


  • This project is accustomed monitor temperature of a space within a vary of -55C to +150C with very correct readings.
  • Can be utilized in transportation vehicles to work out the icing conditions of the road.
  • The measuring system is high-powered by a 9V battery creating it a conveyable device that may be simply emotional between completely different rooms or locations.


See you guys in next topic. Good bye and take care.


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