This tutorial STM32 Library for Proteus we’ve got an inclination to stand live getting to discuss that approach the simplest way to feature new components among the Proteus library by a straightforward way. Sounds fascinating right! Let’s begin our tutorial.
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STM32 Microcontroller

The STM32 board Blue Pill could be a Development board for the ARM Cortex money supply Microcontroller. It’s significantly almost like the Arduino however it packs in quite a punch. These boards are very low-cost compared to the official Arduino boards and additionally the hardware is open supply. The microcontroller on prime of it’s the STM32F103C8T6 from STMicroelectronics. Aside from the Microcontroller, the board additionally holds 2 crystal oscillators, one is Associate in nursing 8MHz crystal, and therefore the different could be a thirty two kHz crystal, which may be accustomed drive the interior RTC (Real Time Clock). Attributable to this, the MCU will operate in deep sleep modes creating it ideal for battery operated applications. Since the MCU works with three.3V, the board additionally homes a 5V to three.3V transformer IC to power the MCU. Although the MCU operates at three.3V most of its GPIO pins are 5V tolerant. The pin of the MCU is showing neatness force out and labeled as header pins. There also are 2 on-board LEDs, one (red color) is employed for power indication, and therefore the different (green color) is connected to the GPIO pin PC13. It additionally has 2 header pins which may be accustomed toggle the MCU boot mode between programming mode and operative mode, we’ll learn a lot of regarding these later during this tutorial. Now few individuals may well be speculative why this board is named as “Blue Pill”, well seriously I don’t recognize. Could also be since the board is blue in color and might provide a boosted performance to come somebody came up with this name in it simply stayed. This can be simply associate in nursing assumption and that I don’t have any supply to back it up. 

STM32 BluePill Library For Proteus



you can download from here



STM32 Microcontroller Features

Names Description
STM Stands for STMicroelectronics
32 stands for 32-bit ARM design
F103 To point the design ARM Cortex supply
C 48-pin
8 64KB nonvolatile storage
Temperature range -40°C to +85°C


STM32 Microcontroller  Pin Details


As you’ll be able to see every pin is showing neatness labeled against it. The labeling is additionally almost like the Arduino boards. that’s the G is employed to denote the bottom pin, 3.3V outputs a regulated three.3V and therefore the 5V pin will either be accustomed power the board or get the +5V if supercharged via small USB.

Pins Name Description
3.3V, 5V, GND


3.3V – Regulated output voltage

5V from USB regulator

GND – Ground pins

PA0 to PA7

PB0 to PB1

Act as ADCs with 12-bit resolution
PA0 to PA15

PB0 to PB15

PC13 to PC15

General I/O pins
TX1to TX3

RX1 to RX3

UART with RTS and CTS pins
PA0 to PA3

PA6 to PA10

PB0 to PB1

PB6 to PB9

15 PWM pins


PC13 General GPIO indicator
SCL1 to SCL2 SDA1to SDA2 Microcircuit communication ports
CAN0TX to  CAN0RX CAN bus ports


STM32 Library for Proteus


  • First we’ve got to checkout in Proteus computer code whether or not the part obtainable or not.
  • Then we have a tendency to use the web site name ( wherever we will simply get the part. Simply search the part you wish.
  • Just click on the Code possibility. When this a zipper file we have a tendency to transfer in your system.
  • After this a zipper file you may get the folder like this. You only have to open this folder.
  • After open this folder you may have to be compelled to copy this 2 link shown in picture below.
  • After copy this 2 link move to window C folder and open Program File.
  • When gap the Program File next is to open Lab center Electronic folder.
  • Next enter the Library folder and paste the 2 link in it.
  • Now Open the Proteus computer code.


  • Open part library and search STM32 Blue pill. You may see the freshly value-added STM32 Blue pill.
  • The end product is appearing as if this. Currently you’ll be able to build no matter project you wish with the assistance of this Module.

STM32 Microcontroller Applications

  • Rapid prototyping
  • CRC calculations
  • Robotics
  • Consumer product
  • Drone controllers


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If you have any doubts concerning this project, post them in the comment section.