Buzzer Module Library in Proteus 8

Buzzer Module Library in Proteus 8 24

[otw_is sidebar=otw-sidebar-1]Buzzer Module Library in Proteus 8this tutorial (Buzzer Module Library in Proteus)we have associate inclination to square live reaching to discuss that approach the best thanks to feature new elements among the Proteus library by a simple manner. Sounds fascinating right! Let’s begin our tutorial.

Buzzer Module Library in Proteus 8

Buzzer may be a reasonably voice device that convert audio mode into sound signal. It’s principally accustomed prompt or alarm. Per totally different style and application, it will manufacture music sound, flute sound, buzzer alarm sound, bell and lots of alternative sounds. Typical application embrace siren, alarm device, firm alarm, defense alarm, stealer alarm etc. it’s wide utilized in social unit appliances, warning device, automatic line, electronic toys, game machines and alternative product and industries.

Buzzer Features

  • Rated Voltage: 6V DC
  • Operating Voltage: 4to 8V DC
  • Sound Type: Continuous Beep
  • Resonant Frequency: 2300 cycle
  • Small and neat sealed package


Buzzer Features,Buzzer Proteus 8Utilizing a Buzzer

A buzzer may be a tiny nevertheless economical element to feature sound options to our system. It’s terribly tiny and compact 2-pin structure thus may be simply used on board., Per Board and even on PCBs that makes this a wide used element in most electronic applications. There are unit 2 varieties area unit buzzers that area unit usually on the market. The one shown here may be an easy buzzer that once battery-powered can create a sound, the opposite kind is termed a readymade buzzer which is able to look bulkier than this and can manufacture a Beep. Beep. Beep. Sound because of the interior oscillatory circuit gift within it. But, the one shown here is most generally used as a result of it may be bespoke with facilitate of alternative circuits to suit simply in our application. This buzzer may be utilized by merely powering it employing a DC power provide starting from 4V to 9V. A straightforward 9V battery may also be used, however it’s suggested to use a regulated 5V DC provides. The buzzer is often related to a change circuit to show ON or put off the buzzer at needed time and need interval.

Buzzer in Proteus

Buzzer Pins

Pin Name Description
Positive Identified by positive and having longer terminal lead
Negative Identified by negative and having short terminal lead.



Buzzer Module Library in Proteus 8


Buzzer Module Library in Proteus


  • 1st we have to checkout in Proteus code whether or not or not the half procurable or not.

  • Then we’ve an inclination to use the online website name ( where we are going to merely get behalf. Merely search the half you want.

  • Simply click on the Code risk. Once this a zipper file we’ve an inclination to transfer in your system.

  • Once this a zipper file you will get the folder like this. You merely got to open this folder.

  • Once open this folder you will get to be compelled repeat these two links shown in image below.

  • Once copy this two link move to window C folder and open Program File.

  • Once gap the Program File next is to open lab center Electronic folder.


  • Next enter the Library folder and paste the two links in it.


  • Currently Open the Proteus code.



  • Open library and search Buzzer. You will see the freshly added Buzzer.

Buzzer Module Library in Proteus 8

  • The tip product is showing as if this. Presently you will be ready to build not withstanding project you want with the help of this Module.

Buzzer Library in Proteus

Buzzer Applications

  • Electric fireplace Alarm
  • Microwave kitchen appliance
  • Communication equipments
  • Automobile natural philosophy
  • Portable equipments, because of its compact size

If you’ve got any doubts regarding this project, post them within the comment section.





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