Interfacing SD Card module with Arduino in Proteus

Interfacing SD Card module with Arduino in Proteus 23

[otw_is sidebar=otw-sidebar-1]Interfacing SD Card module with Arduino in ProteusHi Friends! During this Tutorial we’ll learn the way to use Associate in nursing SD Card module with the Arduino. In this post we’re reaching to show you ways to browse on Associate in nursing SD card. Sounds fascinating right! Let’s begin.

Interfacing SD Card module with Arduino in Proteus

The Arduino small SD card Module is Associate in Nursing SPI Communication based mostly device. it’s compatible with the TF SD cards utilized in mobile phones and may be accustomed give some kind of memory device for small controller and chip based mostly comes, to store completely different reasonably information sorts from pictures to videos. SD cards usually area unit 3.3v logic level based mostly devices, however with the help of the small SD card module, the signals area unit revives to 5v though a logic level convertor impose on the SD card device. The SD card module is especially helpful for comes that need information work. The Arduino will produce a get into Associate in nursing SD card to put in writing and save information mistreatment the SD library. There are unit different models from different suppliers, however all of them add the same approach, mistreatment the SPI communication protocol. The module utilized in this tutorial.

Configuration SD card with Arduino

Since I explained all the connections of each the SD card and Arduino board higher than therefore currently we have a tendency to simply created physical connections. I used Arduino digital pin four for CS (chip select) of Arduino SD card module. I battery-powered the SD card module with five volts power output regulator gift on Arduino board.

Circuit connection


SD Card module

Virtual Terminal

SD Card module with Arduino Circuit diagram

The circuit association of this project is extremely straightforward. The Arduino pin thirteen is connected with SD card pin CLK. consequent pin of Arduino twelve is hooked up with DO, and 11pin of Arduino is connected with DI. Arduino Pin four is connected with SD card module pin 5. While the other pin one of Arduino is connected with virtual terminal.

Interfacing SD Card module with Arduino in Proteus

SD Card module with Arduino Working

First we’d like to incorporate the quality SD and SPI libraries, produce a “File” object. Then we’d like to start out the serial communication and outline the Chip Select pin as output. We’ve got to try and do this as a result of the Chip Select pin must be “Low” in order that the SPI communication between the module and also the Arduino works. mistreatment the SD open perform we’ll produce a brand new file named “test.txt”, together with the FILE_WRITE argument which means that we are able to each browse and write to the file. If the file exist already the SD open perform can simply open it. So if the file has been with success created 1st we’ll print the string “Writing to file” on the serial monitor so mistreatment the File printing perform we’ll print the text into the file. Subsequently we’d like to use close perform to confirm that the previous information written to the file is physically saved to the SD Card. Now uploading the code to the Arduino, if everything is ok, the subsequent can seem on the serial monitor.


As you’ll see it’s terribly straightforward to include SD cards and micro SD cards into your Arduino styles. By mistreatment them you’ll add a large quantity of storage to come.

That’s it for this tutorial guy, let me grasp if you have got any queries via the comment box.



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