Arduino Ac Dc Voltmeter

Arduino Ac Dc Voltmeter 23

[otw_is sidebar=otw-sidebar-1]Arduino Ac Dc VoltmeterHello guys! During this tutorial, we are visiting build a Voltmeter using Arduino which is able to display on LCD. During this project, an Arduino based electronic voltmeter which might calculate voltages. Let’s start.

Digital Voltmeter Using Arduino and LCD Display

A Voltmeter or a Voltage Meter could be a measuring device that’s used for measuring voltage or electric potential between two points during a circuit. Voltmeters are a vital piece of apparatus which are related to any reasonably electronics project. They’re utilized in measurement of both AC and DC voltages.
Voltmeters are again classified in to 2 types namely Analog Voltmeter and electronic voltmeter. Analog Voltmeter consists of pointer that moves across a scale and therefore the movement is proportional to the voltage measured.

Arduino Ac Dc Voltmeter

Components Required


LCD display




Arduino Ac Dc Voltmeter Circuit Design

This circuit connection is extremely simple. The Arduino pins 2, 3, 4, and 5 are connected with LCD display pin D4, D5, D6, and D7. Whereas RS, RW and E are connected to Arduino pins 11 and 12. On the opposite hand, A0 pin of Arduino are attached with two resistor having 10k ohms.

Arduino Ac Dc Voltmeter Working

The aim of the project is to create a electronic voltmeter using Arduino. The components required and therefore the construction of the project is extremely simple.
In an electronic voltmeter, the voltages to be measured, which are in analog form, are converted to digital form with the assistance of Analog to Digital Converters (ADC). Hence, the ADC feature of the Arduino is employed during this project.
In this circuit, which is employed to live a maximum voltage of 5V, the input voltage is given to the analog input pin of the Arduino. The mention voltage of the ADC is 5V. The ADC in Arduino is of 10-bit intention. Hence, the input voltage is calculated by multiplying the analog value at the analog pin with 5 and dividing the worth with 210.
The scale voltages for Arduino dissimilar input is 0 to 5V. Hence, so as to extend this range, a potential divider circuit must be used.

Arduino Ac Dc Voltmeter Applications

• An Arduino primarily based electronic voltmeter is intended during this project which may be accustomed live totally different ranges of DC voltages.

  • The circuit isextended to liveeven AC voltages with slight modification in circuit and code.
    Hope you enjoy this lesson. See you in next tutorial. Bye

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