IR2153 Circuit Proteus Library Types Applications 16

IR2153 proteus circuit,IR2153 ,Library ,Types ApplicationsIR2153 Circuit Proteus Library  this tutorial we have got degree inclination to face live planning to discuss that approach the only because of feature new parts within the Proteus library by a simple methodology. Sounds fascinating right! Let’s begin our tutorial.


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The IR2153 is connect improved version of the favored IR2155 and IR2151 gate driver, and absorb a high voltage half-bridge gate driver with a face alternator rotor  like the trade usual CMOS 555 timer. The IR2153 provides additional practicality and is less complicated to use than previous ICs. A termination feature has been designed into the CT pin, so each gate driver outputs may be disabled employing a low voltage management signal. Additionally, the gate driver output pulse widths are constant once the rising under voltage resistance threshold on VCC has been reached, leading to a additional stable profile of frequency vs. time at startup. Noise immunity has been improved considerably, each by lowering the height of the gate drivers, and by increasing the under voltage resistance physical phenomenon to 1V. At last, special notice has been played to expand the latch privilege of the module, and give comprehensive ESD defence on all pins.

IR2153 Features

  • Integrated 600V half-bridge gate driver
  • 15.6V diode clamp on VCC
  • True micro power commence
  • Tighter initial dead time management
  • Low temperature constant dead time
  • Shutdown feature on CT pin
  • Increased under voltage resistance physical phenomenon
  • Lower power level-shifting circuit
  • Constant LO, atomic number 67 pulse widths at startup • Lower gate driver for higher noise immunity
  • Low facet output in section with RT
  • Internal 50nsec bootstrap diode
  • Superb latch privilege on all inputs and outputs
  • ESD protection on all leads
  • Also on the market unleaded

IR2153 Pins

Pins Name Description
VB supply voltage
VS supply offset voltage
HO output voltage
LO Low side output voltage
RT RT pin voltage
ICC Supply current
CT CT pin voltage
COM Common pin



IR2153 Module library in Proteus

  • Initial we have got to checkout in Proteus code whether or not.
  • Then we’ve a bent to use web computer name ( where we tend to tend to unit of measurement planning to merely get behave.
  • Write the name of IR2153 among the search bar. Then new page will popup like below image. Click on the transfer alternative.
  • Simply click on the transfer alternative. Once this a zipper file we’ve a bent to transfer in your system.
  • Extract they’re on the market in Proteus folder. Confine mind that we tend to need to position the Extract are on the market in Proteus code folder. Once extract the file a recent folder will appear to be this.
  • Once this you need to click on the Proteus folder. Show in on high of image. Then new folder will appear to be this.
  • Next step is to open the Proteus code and click on the library alternative then click on import parts alternative.
  • Once clicking on the import alternative then new window wills popup like this, Click on the select File
  • Once clicking on the select File alternative, then import the Module behaves. Then click on Open alternative.
  • Then we’ll see the Module image on the Import PADS show in below. Then click on the Setting alternative
  • Once clicking on the Setting alternative, you’ll see the compartmentalization and Library alternative page. Then click on succeeding alternative.
  • Once clicking on Next choice we tend to tend to unit of measurement planning to able to see the Module in 3D Mode. Click on the OK choice
  • Presently succeeding step is to feature Device Name once adding the name click on Next alternative.
  • Presently we have got to avoid wasting the Module in USERDVC alternative then click on OK. Presently finally you add the IR2153 Module among the Proteus Library.
  • Presently it’s time to ascertain our final work. Counsel that we have got to ascertain the Module in Proteus Library.
  • The consequence is showing as if this. Presently you’ll manufacture still project you wish with the help of this Module.

IR2153  Applications

So guys hope you wish this tutorial. Good bye


IR2153 Circuit Proteus Library





IR2153 Circuit Proteus Library Types Applications


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