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Full subtractor circuit

Full subtractor circuit diagram

FullSutractor is a combinational logic circuit. It used for the subtraction of 3 binary bit.

As seen in circuit diagram Cct have two input A & B and third one is Borrow in (bin)

And two output Difference and Borrow out (bout).

As seen in the truth table 3 input ean(0-7) 8 possible combinations.

Let us take 6th combination and do subtraction A-b=result1 (1-0=1) , result1-bin=output(1-1=0) hence prove that difference is at logic 0 and u see we do not borrow so bout is at logic 0.

Result of all combination are shown in table.

After successful completion of subtraction 2 output Difference is simplified through K-maps


Full subtractor circuit,Full subtractor truth table

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