water level indicator circuit using transister 1

Hy every one today we will learn how to make water level indicator circuit using transister



In this project we will learn about water level and his working
and know about instrument feature

Components of water level indicator

5) 68k resistance
5)A733 transister

1)12v supply


light detector circuit diagram in Proteus

Arduino  DHT11  4Relay and LCD display

Variable half wave power supply circuit using 7805 regulator in proteus

earthquake alarm project explanation



Working of water level indicator

In this project transistor A733 PNP and some resistance 4.7k and 68k and connect 5 led we take a wooden stick and connect 5 wire
on some distance in water tank .when water level increase with passage of time then wire deep in water and circuit will be complete and the ledon when the 5th led on then we determine that water tank will be full

earthquake alarm project

Usess of water level indicator

  • This project use in home and office and school water tank in
    every industry
  • Multi purpose circuit due to this project
  • water don’t be waste
  •  Electricity will be save

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