RTC Clock using PIC microcontroller

                           RTC Clock using PIC microcontroller              

In this article we will learn how to make RTC Clock using PIC microcontroller.
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Components which we use in this project are listed below:

  1. Battery cell (CR2032)
  2. 7805
  • Capacitor (1000uf)
  1. Diod 4007
  2. Capacitor (104pf)
  3. Capacitor (100uf)
  • Resistor (1k)
  • Transistor (C945)
  1. Resistor (100Ohm)
  2. Transistor (A1015)
  3. ULN (2003)
  • 8 Pin Base
  • 14 pin Base
  • 16 pin Base
  1. Resistor (10k)
  • Jumper wires
  • Push buttons
  • 7 Segment 6 digit display

Construction of RTC Clock using PIC microcontroller


Working of RTC Clock using PIC microcontroller                 

A Real-Time Clock (RTC) is a crucial component in many embedded systems, including those based on PIC microcontrollers. An RTC provides accurate timekeeping even when the microcontroller is powered off or in sleep mode. It’s commonly used in applications like digital clocks, data loggers, and systems that require time-based scheduling.

Applications of RTC Clock using PIC microcontroller         

  1. Digital Clocks
  2. Data Logging
  3. Security Systems
  4. Industrial Automation
  5. Home Automation

Advantages of RTC Clock using PIC microcontroller

  1. Accurate Timekeeping
  2. Battery Backup
  3. Low Power Consumption
  4. Easy Integration
  5. High Resolution