I am Kashif Mirza, the founder of ProjectIOT123. I am an Embedded Engineer and working on Embedded Projects since 2003. I have worked on Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PIc Microcontroller, 8051 etc. and have designed both prototypes & industrial projects.

what is diode,diode,working of diode, diode types,uses of diode

what is diode

In this article we will discus what is diode Types of diode Application of diode. In today’s article we are going to tell about a component of electronics  Which is called diode. what is diode Diode is a device that allows current to flow one side It has two legs One is cathod  and one is called…

what is zener diode

zener diode as voltage regulator

In this article I will discuss one of the most important electronic components i.e. Zener Diode. At the end of this article you will be able to learn about. What is the Zener Diode? V-I characteristics of Zener Diode? Construction and Working of Zener Diode? Applications of Zener Diode? zener diode as voltage regulator  So…

Getting Started With Raspberry Pi,Basics of Raspberry Pi,Raspberry Pi pinout,Raspberry Pi data sheet

Getting Started With Raspberry Pi

In this article I will let you go through the basics of Raspberry pi and the general overview of the setup required to run a Raspberry pi. After reading this article you will learn about the Raspberry pi hardware i.e. about its GPIO pins, several communication ports available on board, power supply rating for the…