I am Kashif Mirza, the founder of ProjectIOT123. I am an Embedded Engineer and working on Embedded Projects since 2003. I have worked on Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PIc Microcontroller, 8051 etc. and have designed both prototypes & industrial projects.


what is GSM

  Hello friends! In this post I will discuss the what is GSM and the simulation of GSM in Proteus. In the previous posts I have discussed the simulation of the flame sensor, light dependent resistors, PIR sensor and many more. I have also discussed the designing of the Printed Circuit Board in Proteus. This…

introduction to Fourier series, Fourier series,Fourier series equation,Fourier Coefficient

introduction to Fourier series

in this article I will discuss how to simulate circuits with Arduino microcontroller on Proteus(arduino library for proteus simulation). You will learn how to download the libraries of Arduino for Proteus and simulate the codes build in Arduino IDE on Proteus with additional circuits for example diodes, led, transistors and motors etc. So keep reading…