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arduino interfacing bluetooth module

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ESP8266 static IP address and MAC address

In this article I’ll show how to set a static/fixed IP address using Arduino using ESP8266 NodeMCU board. And if it is not working


PCBWay is Better Than Other

Hi Guys! Hope you’re well today. Happy to see you around. Thank you for clicking this read.


Ocad Allegro Pcb Design Tutorial

he basic commands of the Allegro PCB Designer software that is “Add Connect” and “Slide” and their application in developing the layout of the PCB.


DHT11 Temperature and Humidity

automation project so you can easily connect it with your home router.Recommended articles about ESP8266Review about ESP826.HardwareThe parts required in this project are:  ESP8266 Development Board


HC 05 at commands hc 05 vs hc 06

In this post I will discuss how you can create your Home Automation System using Raspberry Pi. Most of you know that there are a lot of ways in which you can control


Introduction to logic gates

Digital systems have been gaining attention for the last few decades due to their benefits over analog circuits. Digital Circuits are less prone to noise and signal processing in digital domain.


arduino interfacing bluetooth module

Bluetooth module called HC-05. The pinout of HC-05 Bluetooth module, its interface with Arduino UNO and their simulation in Proteus


Arduino CNC Plotter with code

he CNC plotter is based on the controller which automates the control of machine tools and one of its popular applications is in 3D printing. 


Introduction to Multiplexer

Digital systems have become so much successful that they are found in almost all areas of life that is telecommunication, space exploration, entertainment,


NTP Server to get Date and Time

This project “esp8266 ntp clock” is very basic and useful. In this topic you can learn how to get exact time and date. For this


raspberry pi gpio programming

n this post I will discuss about how to interface and control the Servo Motor with Raspberry Pi using the Python IDLE.


Arduino Temperature and Humidity Controller

nterface Arduino with DHT11 Humidity Sensor. One of the important applications of connecting DTH11 sensor with Arduino is to look on weather condition.


Arduino Interfacing with DHT11 Sensor

the DHT11 sensor and its interfacing with Arduino. In the previous posts I have discussed about the working of important sensors and actuators and their simulation in Proteus. This post will be oriented around the discussion on the DHT11 sensor only.

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engineering projects for students

PCB Assembly Service

our pcb 2

L298 Motor Driver Simulation in Proteus

L298 Motor Driver Simulation in Proteus

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