LIGHT EMITTING DIODE A pn jinction diode which wmit light when forwar biased kbown aa light emiting diode LED.   Construction It consists of N-type layer placed on a P-type substrate by a  diffusion.Then a thinP-type laye is placed on the N-type layer.The metal connection to both the layers forms anode and cathode terminal when…

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microcontroller for beginners

I am quite excited to start a new series of articles in which I will discuss about the nitty gritty of microcontrollers, about what the microcontroller is, difference between microcontroller and microprocessors and most importantly the vast applications of the microcontroller. I will try to cover all the details of the microcontrollers regarding firmware and…

laser diode

introduction of laser diode

LASER DIODE Laser stand for Light Ampliction by stimulated emmision of radiation. laser is monochromatic light , monochromatic light consists on one color.having one wavelength it is also called coherent light.even LED emmits incoherent light.the symbol of laser are as in fig same like LED. Construction of LASER DIODE Laaer diode consists on a pn…