NOR Gate Truth Table,Logic Gates

Introduction to NOR Gate

  NOR Gate: As pointed out in previous paragraph that NOR Gate is the combination of OR and NOT Gate with input of NOT Gate connected at the output of the OR Gate. Thus corresponding to each combination of the inputs of the NOR Gate, it will have an output that is the complement of…

NAND GateĀ Truth Table,Logic Gates

Introduction to NAND Gate

Digital logic gates are the building blocks of the digital circuit. Each basic logic gate implements a unique Boolean function and a complex Boolean expression is implemented using the network of basic gates. The three basic logic gates are: AND Gate. OR Gate. NOT Gate.   AND Gate implements the Boolean AND function, OR gate…

OR GATE,Logic Gates

Introduction to OR Gate

Hello friends, I hope you all are fine and good health. Today I discuss with you about Introduction to OR Gate. In previous post I discuss about Introduction to NOT GateĀ all the friends likes that post and good comments so I impressive from our friends and today I have new post share with you about…

Arduino YUN

Arduino YUN for Beginners

In this post I will discuss about the introduction to Arduino YUN. In the previous posts I have discussed other Arduino microcontroller development boards such as Arduino UNO, Leonardo, Pro MINI, NANO, MEGA etcetera. This post will be oriented around the discussion on Arduino YUN. After reading this post the reader will be able to…