RD-03 Ai-Thinker Human Presence Sensor Radar price in pakistan



RD-03 Ai-Thinker Human Presence Sensor

RD-03 Ai-Thinker Human Presence Sensor. price in pakistan
RD-03 Ai-Thinker Human Presence Sensor
RD-03 Ai-Thinker Human Presence Sensor. price in pakistan
RD-03 Ai-Thinker Human Presence Sensor

Since last month, the 24G human presence sensor module [Rd-01] launched by Ai-Thinker has received a lot of attention. Based on different application requirements, we launched another 24G human presence sensor radar module [Rd-03].

Compared with WiFi+BLE+24G radar of Rd-01, Rd-03 is a single 24G radar module, which greatly reduces the cost without changing the performance and is more suitable for some application scenarios without data transmission.

Features of the Rd-03 module:

  • 24GHz single radar, high performance 24GHz send and receive antenna.
  • High precision identification of human objects in the state of fretting and motion.
  • High sensitivity to detect the presence of human body, avoid detecting other objects by mistake.
  • The detection range is wide, the Angle is ±60°, and the distance is up to 6.5m.
  • High reliability, less affected by light, temperature and humidity.
  • Strong anti-interference ability, support induction range division.
  • 20*20mm tiny size, plug and play.
  • Visual software tool for easy configuration of probe parameters.
  • Multi-level intelligent parameter adjustment meets more application requirements.

Product Parameter:

  • Model number: Rd-03
  • Package: DIP-5
  • Size: 20.0*20.0(±0.2)mm
  • Antenna form: on-board antenna
  • Spectrum range: 24G~ 24.25GHz
  • Operating temperature: -40° C ~ 85° C
  • Storage environment: -40 ° C to 125 ° C, < 90%RH
  • Power supply range: Power supply voltage 3.0V~3.6V, power supply current ≥200mA
  • Supported interface: UART
  • Serial port rate: default 115200 bps

Application scenarios:

Rd-03 human body sensor module can detect and recognize moving, micro-moving, standing, sitting and lying human body. It supports multi-level tuning and can be widely used in various scenarios of AIoT.

Smart home

The presence and distance of the human body are sensed and the detection results are reported for the main control module to intelligently control the operation of household appliances.

Intelligent security

Induction access control, building walkie-talkie, electronic cat eye, etc.

Intelligent lighting

Recognition and perception of human body, accurate position detection, can be used in public places or home lighting equipment such as induction lamp, bulb lamp, table lamp, mirror lamp, etc.

Smart business

Identify the proximity or distance of human body within the set distance range; Light up the screen in time to keep the device bright when the human body is present.

New energy charging/parking monitoring facilities

Can trigger charging pile screen, parking monitoring, wireless charging to prevent human intrusion.

Package Includes:

  •   1x RD-03 Sensor By AI Thinker