I am Kashif Mirza, the founder of ProjectIOT123. I am an Embedded Engineer and working on Embedded Projects since 2003. I have worked on Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PIc Microcontroller, 8051 etc. and have designed both prototypes & industrial projects.

keypad in proteus,keypad library proteus

keypad in proteus

Hello Friends! In this project I will design a simple Password Based Door Lock using Arduino. The purpose is to secure with door lock with the help of password. In this lesson we will talk about the principles of door locking, circuit diagram and working of this project. Keypad in Proteus Traditional lock using mechanical…

Arduino Based Capacitance Meter

Arduino Based Capacitance Meter

Hi Friends! In this lesson, we will build a Capacitance Meter using Arduino. This circuit will be used to calculate a capacitance in the range of 1 to 4700 microfarad. So we will see the circuit diagram, principle of capacitance meter and also required component used in this project. Arduino Based Capacitance Meter Capacitance Meter,…