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PCBWay – Only Solution to Your All PCB Needs

Hi Guys! Hope you’re well today. I welcome you on board. In this post today, I’ll walk you through how PCBWay is the only solution to your all PCB needs.

Breadboard works fine when you’re working with something temporary, however, when you need a permanent solution… PCB comes into play. No brainer.

pcbway only solution to your pcb needs

In the flood of PCB services online, picking the right fit for your project is challenging. When every other service provider claims to be the best provider, you certainly think twice before making a final decision.

Choosing a low-quality service is risky. When you need a lasting experience, you cannot compromise your entire project for the sake of low-quality products.

Don’t you worry. We’ve got you covered. In this post, I’ll elaborate on how PCBWay is the right choice for your PCB needs and how they deliver what they promise. I will give you a fair review, helping you better understand the nature and quality of the products they have to offer.

 PCBWay – Only Solution to Your All PCB Needs

PCBs are the brain of modern electronics. And given the nature and complexity of modern electronic devices, you cannot write off the value of quality PCBs. The output of your electrical project is mainly dependent on the quality of your PCB.

Moreover, an end to end wiring is not in demand anymore. PCB not only makes devices compact and precise but it is also economical against the end to end wiring.

Here are a few reasons how PCBWay is the only solution to your PCB needs.

Online Quote

Thanks to online technology. Now getting your desired PCB is just one click away.

You can get an online quote for your PCB project.

One-Click Quote pcb wayWhether you’re a hobbyist or working on something professional, they will help you design quality PCBs as per your requirements. Single-layer PCB, double lay PCB, or multilayer PCB, they develop and manufacture every PCB with great precision.

Remarkable Customer Service

A wide part of your business revenue is dependent on the quality of customer service. And they know it very well. They will not leave you after delivering your products, you can contact them anytime when you need their services. They carry a team of skilled professionals that go out of their way to help you out in your electrical project. And no worries at all if you’re not satisfied with the quality of PCB, when they deliver PCBs they promise money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with the quality of the product.  You’ll get 24/7 non-stop customer service and assistance.

Real-time Fabrication Tracking

You know exactly what they are doing with your product. Once you place the order online, you can check the status of the fabrication process and at what stage your PCB design and fabrication is reached right now. They keep you updated with every step they take in the fabrication of the PCB board.

Delivery on Time

They deliver on time. Depending on the quantity of your PCB design pieces, delivery time may differ from 2 days to 5 business days as displayed on their website. No matter your geographic location, they will deliver your PCBs right at the mentioned time. One thing I like the most about them, they have mentioned almost each and everything on their website. Price against the number of pieces delivered is mentioned on the website. No hidden charges. You’ll get exactly what you’re promised. They come with 99% on-Time shipping with great support from DHL.





Sponsorship for your non-profit project

You might hesitate to believe this, but this is true. If you don’t have enough money to develop and execute your electrical project, they are ready to sponsor your project with absolutely zero money. You’ll find more than one thousand projects they’ve sponsored until now.

Sponsored Projects pcb way

Their sponsors’ projects include robots, home automation, student project, racing cars, and industrial automation project.

Over 99.6% Customer Satisfaction

This is huge. They claim to have a 99.6% satisfaction rate. And the complaint rate is less than 0.1%. When you get what you’re promised and receive everything that they’ve mentioned on their website, you can definitely score more than a 99% satisfaction rate. They have entertained more than 256,000 customers until now.

Over 99.6% Customer Satisfaction

With 128,000 are paying right now and 1073+ with SMT (surface mount technology) orders in the past 30 days. This is enough to make anyone believe the quality of their service and how they are dedicated to their customers.

SMT and Through-Hole Assembly

They are not only restricted to providing quality PCBs with trusted experience, they also offer SMT and through-hole assembly service at an affordable price.

pcb way SMT and Through-hole Assembly

You know it already, not everyone is enough skilled to have placed components on the board, and if you’re one of them, you can get their assembly services. All you have to place an order, submit your details of the project, and the components used, you’ll get the exact product assembled with the required components.

Economical Price

You’ll get quality PCBs with the most competitive advantages and economical factory rates. When you sign up, you can get 10 PCBs within 24 hours at the price of only $5. And you can claim 20 pieces with assembly service for only $30.

Over 99.6% Customer Satisfaction

Apart from getting quality PCBs, you can get scores of electrical devices at affordable rates including sensor module, PCBWay gadget, micro USB adopter pinboard, Arduino module, waterproof temperature sensor, and much more.

That’s all for today. I hope you’ve got a clear idea of what this PCBWay is all about. They have to offer… quality service, on-time delivery, quality products, online quote facility, 99.6% satisfaction rate, SMT, and through-hole assembly, you’ll find almost everything that the best service provider requires. If you have any questions regarding PCBWay or your technical project, you can pop your query in the section below. I’d love to help you the best way I can. Or you can contact them directly on their website. Thank you for reading this article.

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